Gov Ademola Adeleke To Build 5 Flyovers In 12 Months


Governor Ademola Adeleke disclosed penultimate Friday that his administration would be carrying out new infrastructure projects at different locations in Osun State which would be brought to completion within 12 months.
He listed the infrastructure projects to include five flyovers and 332 boreholes while adding that N100 billion has been earmarked and set aside for this purpose.
Adeleke also noted that his administration has taken a decision to do this in order to build the confidence of the investing public, saying ‘Osun State is ready for investments. By investing so much in infrastructure upgrades, we are laying the foundation for an effective public- private partnership (PPP). We are getting set to key into infra financing opportunities as long as it will not add to the financial burden of the state’.  
Governor Adeleke in laying out his plans for his second year in office in Osogbo on Friday, noted that the projects that his administration plans to carry out would be financed solely by the state government without taking loans from financial institutions.
‘It is my honour to unveil new infrastructure projects for the state. 

  1. Rehabilitation of 345 Health Centers at the 332 Wards in Osun State: Rehabilitation will include, Provision of Potable water, new toilets, and bathrooms, beds, mattresses, bed sheets, renovation and painting of buildings, new curtains, and Solar panels/Inverters for 24 hours electricity etc. Our approach is to take medical services to the doorstep of our people wherever they may be.
  2. Phase two of Potable Water Provision in 332 wards in Osun State which includes overhead Tanks, dispensing taps, generators, or solar panels. Under Phase One as you have seen, 332 water projects were completed. They are all functioning. Under the new plan, another set of underserved areas across the 332 political wards will be served with water projects.
  3. Phase two of rehabilitation of 31 schools in the 30 mother local governments of Osun and Area Council. This includes potable water, new roofs, new toilets, renovation and painting of buildings, and Provision of desks and chairs. As you have seen in Phase one of the school rehabilitation projects, our approach is to take a school and completely rehabilitate the buildings with desks and other learning facilities.
  4. As a follow up to the completed rehabilitation of selected schools, the government has commenced the process of recruiting new teachers to address teacher shortages in our schools. Currently, a need assessment is ongoing to determine where we need teachers, the subjects and the schools. This will help to determine the number of teachers to recruit.
  5. Construction/ Rehabilitation of 45 roads of at least one kilometer in each of the 30 mother local governments, making a total of 45 Kilometers. As you have seen in the preview, we have earlier completed about 45 kilometers of roads across the LGAS. These new roads are fresh projects for phase two.
  6. Dualization of Roads: In a bid to ease traffic jams and reduce road accidents, we are dualizing some roads in some major towns to start with. The listed towns include Osogbo, Ede and Ilesha.
  7. Construction of five Flyovers to ease traffic accidents and traffic jams. The five flyover projects are:

Two in Osogbo – Okefia and Lameco junction 
 Ikirun- One
 Ife- one, Mayfair
Owode Ede- One

  1. Streetlight projects: We would be installing streetlights in all major towns, especially Osogbo as the State Capital. This is important to enhance security surveillance and boost the night-time economy.
  2. Imole Medical Outreach

Two medical outreaches were conducted in two locations in each of the three senatorial districts in the last 10 months. Various surgical procedures, including cataract eye surgeries were done during the outreaches. The outreaches will be conducted once per quarter in the years ahead’, the governor submitted.