Gossips Spread Over Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru’s Marriage …Fans Discuss ‘Delayed Pregnancy’




Assuming a woman is pregnant when she’s not could be one of the most awkward social moments, especially when the subject has been married for some time.

The woman at the receiving end would want to ask ‘when did it become acceptable to seize on the slightest perceived change in someone else’s figure?’

At the moment, that is the lot of popular On-Air-Personality at The Beat FM, Tolu ‘Toolz’ Oniru.

The internet has been awash with comments about Toolz’s possible pregnancy since she got married in a society shindig in the United Arab Emirate city of Dubai in June 2016 to Pilot Tunde Demuren.

Fans have been bombarding her social media pages with quizzes about her maternity state so much that it was becoming humiliating.

She has attended so many public functions since her marriage, with her hubby and even friends, yet the situation has been the same; words like ‘oh, we can’t but notice what seems like a bump’, ‘it doesn’t look like bump to me sha’… ‘pregnancy has no hiding place… we will surely find out’… ‘ain’t that what she usually pack in her waist-trimmer’… ‘it’s most definitely a bump, see her face, she has the preggy look’… ‘it’s nothing jare, even if she is preg, it’s really a gud news’…

And the gossips keep flying.

A die-hard fan of Toolz who spoke to this magazine on the street, however, believes that her marriage was the target of whispers.

According to the fan, a female, “Toolz’s marriage is what they are after but God’s time is the best. We can’t be thinking that what is happening to one person’s marriage should happen in the other’s marriage.”

Meanwhile, the stunning lady had words for her ‘examiners’ whom a friend of hers referred as ‘monitoring spirits’.

In an Instagram note, Toolz, who wished she had twins when it’s her time, simply asked them to ‘please, leave me and my tummy alone’.

-Adelaja Hassan