Gospel Cinema International Takes Faith-Based Movie, ‘CHAINS-No Longer A Slave’ to Cinemas

Gospel Cinema International Takes Faith-Based Movie, 'CHAINS-No Longer A Slave' to Cinemas

Popular Christian Word and Music Ministers like, Apostle Anselem Madubuko, Onos Ariyo, Solomon Lange, Chioma Odimba (Ccioma), Flora Solomon Lange, Apostle Tayo Christian, Naomi Mac Paladini, Anne Ekueme, Jayclef Adewale, Henry Ned, Gideon Ibeabuchi, all featured in a Gospel Cinema International’s ground-breaking faith-based movie, CHAINS- No Longer A Slave, written, produced, and directed by ace movie producer and director Bright Wonder Obasi.

CHAINS movie, which wrapped principal photography in August 2023 in the city of Abuja Nigeria, is an inspiring and emotional drama/thriller set in the 21st century Gospel Music ministry and the music industry worlds. With an engaging and thought-provoking storyline, CHAINS explores the theme of God’s overwhelming love that will leave the 99 and go in search of one lost soul, dissecting the internal struggles of pursuing one’s dream in a world that often challenges their beliefs and faith.

It tells the story of a Gospel Artiste on a journey to balance his Music Ministry and the realities of the music industry, putting at risk all he’s built over the years, while battling a moral disease common to all humanity, but determined to live no longer a slave.

The movie was filmed with high-end film equipment and locations, forging a collaboration of professional expertise and spiritual consecration, and stars a number of popular Christian Word and Music Ministers.

According to the writer, producer and director of Chains movie, Bright Wonder Obasi, “Films and the media industry has been utilized across ages to shape the culture and norms of societies. Films have become more influencers of norms and values in the society than even the Sunday School classroom. Every content is designed to drive an AGENDA; hence the reason we have to be Intentional. And since darkness is the absence of light, then the problem with the world is never the darkness, but the bearers of the light who have refused to shine the light, especially in the market place, so the darkness might give way. If people knew how much God loves them, and the extent He would go to ensure that they have a good life, they most definitely will be drawn to Him and love Him.

CHAINS is a highly spiritual movie that has come as a beacon of light at such a time as this, to stir up a revolution in the film industry, bringing the love of God to cinemas, and seeding the emergence of more Christ-centric films in main stream distribution; both cinemas and streaming platforms.

CHAINS movie, which is distributed by Silverbird Distribution, will have its Nigeria premiere in Abuja and Lagos, before commencing its theatrical run across cinemas in Nigeria from August 16, 2024. Afterwards, the movie will commence a tour across Africa, The US, UK, Canada, and more.

CHAINS movie is a production of Gospel Cinema International, a Christian Film Ministry, focused on motion picture evangelism, through the production and distribution of movies, TV series, documentaries, media contents in general for the purpose of praising God, inspiring Christians, evangelizing the unsaved, and spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ. For the earnest expectation of creation eagerly awaits the manifestation of the sons of God therefore, God’s children must arise to establish the Kingdom Culture even in main stream distribution.

Gospel Cinema International is on a mission to power an ecosystem that will support Christian Filmmakers to uphold the truth of God’s word, and shine the light in a drowning morally decaying society, through motion pictures, and also create wholesome entertainment for the Christian community.

The support of the Christian faith community will power this, and the time is Now!

CHAINS – No Longer A Slave (Official Trailer)

Its partner on the project, High Definition Film Studio, with over 12 years of experience, is renowned for its exceptional technical prowess, artistic vision, and consistency in delivering visually stunning, emotionally captivating, and societally transformational films, including If I Am President, and Broken.