‘Glamour Girls’ Movie Star, Barbara Odoh Drops Gospel Album  

'Glamour Girls' Movie Star, Barbara Odoh Drops Gospel Album  


Veteran Nollywood actress, Barbara Odoh, has released her maiden gospel music album.

Barbara, during a chat with Global Excellence, described the album as expression of her love for God and the joy she experiences in worshiping Him.

The album which contains such tracks like, ‘Comforted In You’, ‘I’ll Still Be Joyful’ and the title track, ‘Who Am I’, is Barbara’s first time of recording music, although, she has always performed on stage.

Speaking on why she released the album during the Coronavirus lockdown, Barbara, who many still remember for her role in Nollywood classic, ‘Glamour Girls’, expressed confidence that her songs will inspire many during this difficult period.

“There are two things I believe in; they are ‘love’ and ‘worship’. I know that God is love and I was created to worship Him.  There has really been a lot God has done for me and I thought the only way I can show Him gratitude, the only way to give back to Him is to praise Him in songs”, she said.

Barbara noted that her going into music was not to rejuvenate her career as an entertainer, rather she was fulfilling a long held ambition of recording music, having performed live on stage since her youth.

“People who know me very well will remember that I have always performed music on stage. I used to sing at the popular Terris Burger in Surulere, Lagos. I’ve sang at big events even on impromptu arrangements on a few occasions and I had people applauding me.

“Music has always been a big part of me. I love to dance, I love to sing. I can sing for a whole day. At this stage, I thought I should share this part of me with the world”, Barbara stated.

Barbara Odoh ”I had always wanted to do music album to praise God”