Gang War Scare: MC Oluomo Flees Mama Ray’s B’Day Party As Light Goes Off



There is always a reason someone is targeted and most will know why. Those familiar with the world of gangsters in Oshodi, Lagos, will not be surprised to hear that the gang activity in this notorious area will always rear its ugly head.

Chief Musiliu Akinsanya a.k.a MC Oluomo, is one of the leaders in Oshodi, he is a kingpin dreaded by many. Since the latest fights among rival gangs that left top members from both sides dead, sources say Oluomo has been watching his movements.

He rarely attends social functions these days, said an insider source, who added that following the brutal killing of Oluomo’s right hand man, one Mamok, the transport union leader has been very careful about where he goes, and when and how he holds himself, security wise.

A scenario played out two weeks ago. At the birthday of veteran actress, Mrs. Ray Eyiwunmi popularly called Mama Ray, in Lagos. The source said that Oluomo was invited for the event. Ordinarily, we gathered, he would not have attended the event but for the robust relationship he enjoys with the Ray family and the mutual respect that exists between them.

Fuji icon, King Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, was on the bandstand.

We learnt that Oluomo breezed in with some aides and had planned to go to the stage to honour K-1 after exchanging pleasantries with the celebrant.

But as he left the celebrant to go to the stage, our source said, the entire lights in the entire hall went off.

Before this happened, the source said, a curious Oluomo had asked if the light would not be cut “when i’m on stage”; as if he was a prophet.

The light was restored less than five minutes after. But in the brief darkness that followed the power outage, the source said that Oluomo had disappeared with his entourage, failing to ‘spray’ either the celebrant or K-1.

-Gbenga Agboola