True to Aunty Meg’s words, the queues were terribly long as usual. But that did not bother me. I was not interested in the queues.

“See what I told you?” Aunty Meg whispered in my ears the moment we stepped inside the banking hall.

“Just hold on, Aunty,” I’d said confidently to her. I looked around and found one of the security guys inside the banking hall. I beckoned at him and he came running immediately.

“Yes, madam, do you need anything?” he’d said to me.

“Can I see the manager quickly please, he knows me very well,” I requested. He took on quick look at me and said,” Okay, please come with me.”

She took me and Aunty Meg upstairs to where the managers office was and went in to tell him he had visitors. The offices were demarcated by transparent glass so he could see me from inside his office. He promptly asked me to come in. I told Aunty Meg to set at the reception area while I quickly go in to see the man.

Within a matter of minutes, the money was brought  to me in the manager’s office after I’d handed the cheque over to him and we were soon on our way to meet Doctor Bambi.

“But Anita, how did you do it? I thought we would spend the whole day trying to cash that cheque. Is the manager a relation of yours?” a surprised Aunty Meg asked.

“Relation of mine? Not at all,” I answered, a proud smile on my face.

“We are not related in any way.

The guy is my toaster. He’s been trying to sleep with me for a long time. What you just saw action there is the unlimited power of the woman’s body!”

Aunty Meg was staring at me in disbelief. She could not believe I just pulled the stunt I pulled. The huge crowd in the banking hall scared at her and for me to have left the bank with cash in my hands simply left her in disbelief.

We got into her car and drove out of the parking lot. “So, that guy has been toasting you for a while now?” she asked me.

I nodded. “Yes, he has.”

“What have you been telling him all these while to still keep him falling for you anytime he sets eyes on you?”

“Nothing other than the fact that I often flash him some sexiness and give him hope,” I answered.

She smiled. “Hope? What hope?” Aunty Meg probed.

“You know now, the hope that someday, if he’s patient enough, he might just be able to taste what he’s been dying to taste,’ I slapped my bum for emphasis. Aunty Meg burst into laughter.

“Does he know you’re married?” she quizzed further. She apparently found what just happened amusing.

“I think he suspects but doesn’t want to directly ask me so he doesn’t use his own hand to spoil his own chances.

Soon, we arrived Doctor Bambi’s hospital and as usual, there were lots of people waiting to be attended to. He was not the only doctor on duty but still, there were lots of patients trooping in and out of the place. There is no doubt the man must be a damned good actor, that probably explains why he displays the sort of arrogance he displays sometimes. To be honest, I don’t like the man. I do not even like the idea of him having to dip his hand inside my vagina and do the D&C himself. But I do not have a choice. There was no time to be looking for some place else. Let me just get this over with and forget I ever met a doctor Bambi.

It was close to an hour after we got there that we were finally able to see him. Annoyingly, the first thing he said once we stepped inside his office was, “ah, you ladies are back. Do you have my money complete now?”

I almost wanted to give him a piece of my mind and then walk right out of his office. But I restrained myself in time. He wasn’t worth my time. Besides, I had to admit bitterly to myself though- I am the one who needs the doctor, not the other way round.

“Ah, Doctor Bambi, you too like money! You won’t even allow us to sit down first,” Aunty Meg teased him, trying to get me to laugh. But I wasn’t interested. The man was simply getting on my nerves.

“But you know me, Meg, I never joke with my business,” he turned to me. “Pretty girl, how are you?” I didn’t respond. The earlier we were done and out of the place, the better for both of us.

“Oh, I can see somebody is not smiling today,” he said, smiling with that stupid look on his face.

“Doctor, here is your money,” I brought out the money from my bag and put them on his table. Can we quickly get this done and over with? I would like to leave your office as quickly as possible!”

Aunty Meg was pinching me, trying to tell me to calm down but I couldn’t care less. The man had really irritated me and his attitude on that day was not better and there was no way I could conceal my disgust any longer. If I had my way, I should not be sitting in front of him in his office, waiting for him to perform D&C on me. But I simply had no choice. There was no time to start looking for another doctor, I needed to get this pregnancy out of my system as soon as possible.

“You do not seem to be in a very good mood today, I hope this has nothing to do with me,“ he asked, trying to lighten up the mood as he counted the money. He pressed a button on his desk and a nurse emerged.

“Please, give this to the cashier and bring the receipt for our patient.” The lady took the money from him before quietly taking her leave. He turned to me. “So, my dear, you will be attended to very soon. But first, why are you in this foul mood today?”

“I am not in any foul mood, this is just me,” I responded.

“But I know you were not like this when you first came and I suspect your mood has to do with the reception I gave you the last time, right?”

“Oh, so you know? Then, you shouldn’t be asking a question to which you already know the answer.”

“Anita, calm down, you don’t need all this drama, you know,” Aunty Meg said to me.

I leaned close to Aunty Meg and whispered into her ears, “I can’t stand this man, I swear!”

“We might have a problem here, you know,” the man said to me. “Professionally, it is not advisable for me to operate on somebody that has personal issue with me. Anything could go wrong, you know.”

Aunty Meg looked at me and then turned back to Doctor Bambi. “Doctor, what does that mean? Are you saying you won’t operate on her anymore?”

“No, of course not, that’s not what I’m saying,” the man shook his head. “I am suggesting somebody else, another doctor in my hospital should handle the D&C for her.”

There was a spell of silence. The man was waiting for my consent. He probably wanted me to apologise for my behavior but that was certainly the last thing I would do.

“But doctor, that wasn’t the arrangement now. And besides, is this doctor capable enough to….?”

“Of course, he’s more than capable,” the man cut in. “But like I said earlier, it is best we let somebody else do it for her…”

“I am okay with that,” I cut in, keeping a straight face.

“That’s great. So, let me get him for you,” he said as he picked up his phone, dialed a number and pressed the phone to his ear.

“Junior, let me see you in my office,” he said and then dropped the phone. Moments after, the door opened and a young, good looking doctor stepped in. He was the finest looking doctor I had ever set my eyes on.

“This is Doctor David, he will operate on you,” the man said. I tried to smile as he waved at me. He smiled back. He had such good dentition.

“But doctor, he’s quite young, are you sure….” Aunty Meg was still unsure about him.

“Don’t you worry about him, you’re in capable hands,” the man assured us and then dropped the unexpected. “Besides, he is my son, so I should know!”

To be continued….