Fresh Events And Primate Ayodele’s Past Prophecies



When God sends a message, His Word cuts like double-edged sword.


Respected prophet of God, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, is no doubt a true servant of God. Looking at his past prophecies on the nation gives credence to the fact that, indeed, God always speaks to man through His anointed servants.



It is however not a surprise that Ayodele’s long foretold messages on mankind are still coming to pass.

The events happening presently, most especially in Nigeria, are a proof of this fact.



In his annual prophecy book, ‘Warning To The Nations’ of 2015 on page 38, Ayodele said; “Enugu State must work hard against violence and destruction”. The rampaging Fulani herdsmen killing over 40 people in the State, has vindicated him. Also on page 31of the 2014 edition of the book, the popular prophet warned that, “Bayelsa State must pray against further killings.” Now, gunmen killed four Naval ratings in the state, with a promise to kill more innocent citizens.


In December 2014, Ayodele said in the Sunday Sun, page 38 that, ‘Let’s be watchful as the South-South militants will still strike on oil installations.” The Niger Delta militants recently blew up the Chevron Valve platform in Delta State. On oage 99 of his prophecy book of 2015, Ayodele said, “Government will break the monopoly of fuel importers and petrol will be sold at higher prices.” Now fuel is sold at N145 when the government removed the subsidy and importation is now open to interested persons.



In the recent past, all of which have come to pass, Ayodele had warned that; “terrorists will continue with their series of attacks in the North East of Nigeria. The telecommunication sector will face lots of crisis in 2015. The incoming National assembly will face lots of misunderstanding especially the House of Representatives. A former Chief of Defence Staff will face probe. I foresee the removal of the EFCC Boss (Lamorde). Our Nollywood stars and Journalists should pray against deaths in 2015 and also rebuke attacks on them.




The economy of some states will breakdown except the Lord intervenes. I foresee shakeup in NNPC even as prices of petroleum products will fluctuate in the world market. Allison Maduekwe should pray against health challenges and to avert blackmail. The CBN will come out with new policy frameworks especially new guidelines for commercial banks. I foresee the NNPC being probed and a new leadership even as crisis will expose its activities. Terrorism will continue whether PDP or APC is in power after 2015. Let us pray so that a Minister will not pass away.



Neither the victory of Buhari nor that of Jonathan will guarantee peace except we pray well. Senator Musiliu Obanikoro should pray against political disappointment. I see Saudi Arabia being attacked by terrorists and protest, challenges in the economy of Saudi Arabia and the league of Arabs will be concern about things that will be coming up in Saudi Arabia and I see a major bomb scare. I see more groups agitating for Nigeria’s dismemberment. I see protests here and there.



The government will remove the subsidy but this will not stop the problem in petroleum sector except the government does the right thing.  I foresee the government trying to make effort jail some corrupt top people. Let’s pray we don’t lose any deputy governor. I see Ekiti governor Fayose facing a lot of  challenges and the opposition will fight Fayose and the state will have financial challenges and he will borrow money and they will want to frustrate PDP in the coming election and he should watch and pray over his life.



I foresee a plane crashed Asia, Europe and Middle belt let them pray not . They should pray over natural disaster in the global world. America should  pray not to be attacked by terrorists. I see unnecessary killing and protests in America. I also see attack in turkey. France must be careful of terrorist attack. They will also face challenges and must be careful so that they will not face unexpected challenges…”