FANO’s Prophet Akinbodunse ‘Arrests’ A Witch Who Causes Deaths And Accidents In Namibian Churches

The Namibian churches presently are in a joyous mood as one of the evils that pose a threat to their ministries has been captured by Prophet Samuel Akinbodunse, the general overseer of Freedom for All Nations Outreach (FANO) headquartered in South Africa.
In a deliverance service few days back which was captured live on FANO TV, the prophet said he received a prophecy of the withcraft demon who was at the service. As expected, he called her out and started questioning her. In the process of questioning the spirit, she reportedly admitted that she is the cause of deaths and accidents that had been ravaging churches of God in Namibia. She revealed in her confessions that she uses her agents to rub the tires of her victims’ vehicles after which accidents will happen.
According to a source in the church, the demon, amazed at the prophet’s power, sought to know the source to which the prophet answered ‘it’s of God’.
The prophet also called out another lady from her country who was also carrying the withcraft spirit. At the end of it all, she was delivered using a mud which is a taboo for her to see.
Prophet Akibodunse revealed to the publica thereafter that if she wasn’t caught and delivered of the demons in her, there was a plan to cause a fatal accident on January 11, 2018.

Prophet Akinbodunse