Famous Prophet, Primate Ayodele Releases 2018 Prophecies …How He Warned Tinubu, Others *Buhari Will Face Criminal Court *I See Train Mishap


Wisdom is a gift from God. But so are the quiet hints, or the disquieting shouts. In our drive to measure, quantify, and make certain, we mistake mere knowledge for wisdom, and then lean so much on our own degree of knowledge that we override or dismiss the ‘hints’ that come from the same source as wisdom.

Our spiritual lives are in such disorder that we are not listening anymore for the things that come from that Source. As we get our spiritual lives back in order, through prayer, worship, study, and the disciplines, we can once again tune in to the signal drowned out by the static of our lives. The Spirit once again reveals to us what is true. When that happens through another person in a direct way, it is a part of what the Biblical authors meant by ‘prophecy’.

It is a common belief that prophecies are messages inspired by God, a divine revelation, which are sometimes given while the prophet was awake and fully conscious, or at other times, the messages are conveyed while the recipient was in a trance, after which the messenger will convey to the people for them to know the direction to follow in life.

Biblical Prophet in the Bible in the days of Isrealite and Jesus Christ, the Prophet speaks the mind of God to the people of what will happen, the impediment dangers and proffer solutions to it through fasting, night vigils or singing praises to the Lord.

Nevertheless, Prophets in the bible are always straight to the point that they will speak authoritatively that at a given time, a particular thing would happen and it will happen has been said, that’s exactly whom Primate Ayodele is. He speaks emphatically and straight to the point.

However, for years, amongst the Prophets who have been consistent in delivering God’s messages to the people is the founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, who apart from ministering to win souls for Christ, has equally ministered to those who are in need; the widows, the orphans, the aged and the vulnerable in the society.

For over two decades, Ayodele has been among the leading prophet globally. He predicted about the nations, the global world, government agencies and parastatals, economy, sports, weather, natural happenings and so on etc.

Primate Ayodele’s restorative ability is seen to be so great that his Ministry has been witness to hundreds of miracles God has performed over the last two decades. These exemplary acts by Ayodele have made his services to represent a new move of supernatural Christianity characterized by signs, wonders and healing miracles.

As usual, for what he is known for, Primate Ayodele who in 2014 prophesied the political fortune of Liberia’s George Weah and warned in 2015 that Nigerian hip-hop singer, Davido, will run into trouble, has released new set of prophecies in his new 220-page revelations book titled, “Warning to the Nations” 2017/2018 edition. Below are few of his fulfilled prophecies in the recent edition of the book of Divine Messages, the Cargo airplane crash in Ivory Coast, the NNPC missing money, victory of Merkel Dorothy of Germany, the Kenya re-run election, the crisis and face-off in NNPC, the scandals concerning the Nigeria Inspector-General of Police, the Political unrest in Togo, killings by a terrorist in the United States of America, The agitation for political change by the Anglophone section of Cameroon, The sack of Coach Carlo Ancelotti by the Bayern Munich management, The qualification of the Super Eagles for the World Cup in Russia, the world being threatened between the United States of America & North Korea, the constitutional reforms by the Senate, the arrest of kidnappers like Evans, the Nigeria’s qualification to the World Cup by a slim chance, the outbreak of Monkey Pox. The Prophet warned the Togolese President of killings and riot in the country, he also said people will refute his continuity as the president.

All these have been prophesied a year ahead and it was widely reported in daily newspapers. Ayodele said “Prophecies are saying God’s mind to the mankind and warning of people of impediment dangers.

While addressing a World Press Conference recently, on the contents of the new book of prophecies, he gave some prophecies for 2018; he said people should not interpret prophecies like they do in the case of poems and newspaper stories.



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) may bounce back to have reckoning if the party returns to God and do spiritual cleansing; the party should get a right leader that will re-organize the party. The party needs to re-strategize and be very prayerful for them to win. I foresee the party will still face more challenges and a lot of crises. They should pray not to lose any of their ruling state. The party should pick a right candidate that can deliver. I see the party having more misunderstanding if they refuse to pick the right person. I foresee the party going astray which will cause more damages and disorderliness. They should take their time to put the party in order. Also, I see that if the party chooses either Gbenga Daniel or Toareed Adedoja as Chairman, the party will return to normal. These are the two people the Spirit of the Lord says can rescue PDP from the storms now.”

The Spirit of the Lord says Governor Fayose of Ekiti State should not waste his money and energy on any presidential campaign for 2019 because he is going nowhere. God says his presidential ambition is foul. The Spirit of the Lord said it is a non-issue.

In a related development, Ayodele warned Olusegun Mimiko earlier to pick somebody that can give him victory in the last election. Unfortunately, APC utilized the opportunity of the Word of the Lord through the warnings and picked Olurotimi Akeredolu and the party won. Primate Ayodele said APC must be careful because there will be controversy and dangers and should protect every way so that enemies would not penetrate the party. I foresee problems and disagreement in the South West, South East and North East regions. I foresee that the bond between the CPC and ACN that produced APC may be broken. The party must readjust if they want to hold the central. The party must address their internal crises properly for the party to have a future victory, maintain and sustain the federal level. I foresee challenges in APC and many things will occur in the party. I foresee disagreement and rumour against the leadership of John Oyegun. The party must manage their congress well so that it will not cause a major misunderstanding among the stakeholders in the party and the party must stop imposing candidates. The party must be careful because I foresee lots of pretenders in the party.

I foresee that Abubakar Atiku will face some political challenges. He should be careful and watchful of enemy within and conspiracy about his ambition. Atiku should consult God properly so that his plans can have headway otherwise some enemies will bring him down economically and politically. Atiku will have face-off with the government as they will still fight him more. I do not foresee El-Rufai becoming the President in 2019. Sule Lamido should take a right step before he declares his ambition. Bola Ahmed Tinubu must seek the face of God for further political purposes.

The voice of God has revealed to me that the name Aso Rock will be changed in the nearest future and the present location will also be changed. I foresee that from 2035, Nigeria will not be one country again as I foresee five nations coming out of Nigeria. In the 2024, the spirit of God says there will be a natural disaster that will call for international support in Africa which will eventually cause the government a lot of money. I foresee that Africa will still lead the world, bring out new inventions. I foresee great things will come up in African nations and the past glory will shine in the year 2040. Africa will still rule the world. The name Lagos will be changed and Ibadan will become a State. All these the Spirit of the Lord has revealed to me.

The governor of Lagos State will do a lot of work as some people will not appreciate his efforts. I foresee gang ups against him. Ambode should pray against betrayal and conflicts among his confidants.

If Willie Obiano of Anambra State is focused, he will retain that seat. He must be careful and focused for him to retain the seat. The governor should maintain his developmental project and move closer to God. He should work and win the confidence of the religious institution, traditional ruler and the civil servants and work more. The next governor of Oyo, Osun and Ekiti will surprise a lot.

Primate Ayodele said in the year 1999 at the beginning of Democracy that military will still be part of Nigeria democracy is no more news as military interventions are taking place in states now e.g the Python Dance etc. Primate Ayodele also said that he did not see Nnamdi Kanu as the one to actualize Biafra. Biafra will still cause problem and the government must not underestimate them. Biafra cannot work now and Nigeria cannot break now.

There will be boat capsize in Nigeria and a major boat capsize in the world. There will be problem in the Energy sector and some power expatriates will have issues with the government. There will be bridge of contract and mismanagement in the power sector. Power will be stable in 2018 ending if the government is serious. I foresee cases of building collapse. I foresee the outbreak of fire in some markets. Let us rebuke landslide in Nigeria and earthquake. I foresee that the herdsmen will cause problem in some states.

Let us pray to rebuke the death of an Emir, Oba or Obi. I foresee troubles among the traditional rulers in the South-West. I foresee that some governors will be indicted. EFCC will trouble some governors because of their mismanagement in their monthly allocations. The EFCC will be monitoring the government income.

Let us pray against unexpected explosions in Lagos, Maiduguri, Benue, Abuja airports. Terrorists may strike in December and March 2018. Some people will be finding ways to bring Magu’s down. Magu should move closer to God and be more prayerful so that his efforts can be appreciated. Buhari should watch his health in March, June, August and October 2018.

I foresee train mishap in Nigeria. Let the following states: Plateau, Adamawa, Borno, Bauchi, Ekiti, Kogi, Abia, Ogun, Enugu, Kano, Taraba, Jigawa and Benue pray against political tension and killings.

Some of the Federal Permanent Secretaries will be redeployed while some will be retired. I foresee new  Heads of Service in Borno, Kwara, Gombe, Ondo and Abia states. Nigeria foreign reserve may run into debt. The looted money will not be well utilized. The government will come with a project on it but not as expected. Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana will borrow money.



Buhari will face the International Court of Justice. The International Community will work against Buhari’s second term. Buhari should be more focused and re-strategize. His government will revenge and must be careful about the issue of rule of law and justice. I foresee that his party and the Northern politicians will gang up against Buhari’s government. The Spirit of the Lord says power will be retained by the North in 2019. The second term bid of President Buhari will be dicey. If the APC fields Buhari for a second term in 2019, he will win. Because the system may reproduce him which may have further troubles. Buhari’s first term is the Grace of God. If he eventually comes back to power, he needs to pray so that he can complete his second term and this will cause a lot  for Nigeria and within his party. There will be various negotiations in his second term. I see that people who are close to him will betray him. Buhari is surrounded by sycophants. He should seek the face of God before contesting for second term and not the face of man because this may cause ethnicity crises and so many issues. Nigeria must pray against religion crises and unnecessary killings. The government of President Buhari will address lots of issues that can see him through his second term otherwise there will be conflicts, aggressiveness and unrest towards his second term.

I foresee changes in the government of Buhari, as he will be disappointed by those he is trusting. Aso Rock needs spiritual cleansing. Nigeria needs spiritual cleansing. I see progress and prosperity for the Nation if it is spiritually cleansed. I foresee a referendum which will lead to reforms as the issue of the agitators must be taken serious by the government. I see that the government will use different methods to approach the issue of agitators which may not work but at the end of it; restructuring may not be the answer to the problem. The solution is that it’s either the country breaks or goes back to the regional system of government.



Let us pray against the death of a Vice Chancellor in any of the universities. ASUU will go on strike. I foresee attacks in any of our universities in Nigeria.



MTN will relieve some of their staff. The company should pray to rebuke shortages, death and crises among their executives. Airtel will have some problems that need to be adjusted. There will be National Carrier and New Railway System in Nigeria. The NCC and some telecommunications will have problems which will lead to court matter.



The Nigeria Labour Congress will go on strike. Doctors will go on strike in some states. The NURTW should rebuke troubles and death among them.



The Nigerian Army should pray for protection and God’s divine backings and rebuke unexpected death in the folds. There will be changes among some principal officers in the army. The Nigerian Airforce should pray so that none of their jets will crash.



Some Chief Medical Directors will be removed and indicted. Let us rebuke the outbreak of fire in any of our national hospitals. The Chief Medical Director of National Hospital will face trial time.



India will be divided in 2045. India will be one of the foremost economy nations and there will be series of development in the country. Taiwan will still bounce back. Indonesia will as well bounce back as from 2029.

Iraq, Iran, Libya and Afghanistan will still form a force to fight the United States of America. USA must be watchful of this because of this as from 3030. Kuwait will be more productive to the world and will turn to a pilgrimage. America should pray so that no fire incident will occur in their airports. I foresee unexpected attacks, killings, and explosions in America. America should be careful of plane hijackers as from 2019-2020. The United States of America should pray not to lose a onetime First lady, Senator, past president and pray for onetime president. America should commit their artistes into the hands of God. America should pray not to experience any natural disaster that will render some people homeless. I foresee that the economy of country will be improving gradually. The American soldiers will be kidnapped. The runoff election in Liberia will favour George Weah if he is focused. The Kenya incumbent President will do everything possible to retain the seat as the opposition of Ralia Odinga will be taking steps to unseat him so the incumbent should re-strategize. There will be unexpected explosions and killings in Ghana. I foresee terrorist attack in the country as the economy of Ghana may face challenges. The country must be careful so as not to run into recession. The country will borrow money. United Kingdom, France, Israel & Spain must be careful of attacks and unexpected killings. Cameroon will want to form a new government and this will cause a constant problem. I see crises and killings in Cameroon. Africa should pray not to lose any of its past presidents. The African countries should pray against water pollution disease and natural disaster.



The spirit of the Living God says these personalities must pray for good health and they must pray fervently to rebuke bereavement. They must also seek for God’s divine intervention in their lives. They are: Ernest Shonekan, Francis Nzeribe, John Pepper Clark,  Subomi Balogun, Koffi Annan, Sam Nujoma, Jerry Rawlings, Emeka Offor, Bola Ahmed Tinubu,  Yakubu Gowon, Lateef Jakande, Bashorun J.K Randle, Emir Mustapha Jokolo of Gwandu, Emir Sulu Gambari, Pele of Brazil, Issa Hayatou, Jack Warner, Victor Olaiya, Richard Akinjide, Keshington Adebutu, Jide Omokore, Alani Bankole, Eze Festus Odimegwu, Harry Akande, Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria and Ibrahim Babangida.



There will be changes at CBN and CBN will face challenges and the governor of CBN will face challenges and some misconduct. I foresee that some banks like UBA, Diamond, First Bank, Zenith and Access will be sanctioned in non compliance to the CBN promptly and pay fine as there will be query of some forex transactions. Let us pray to rebuke the cases of the outbreak of fire in any of our banks. I foresee that Eco Bank, Heritage, and Keystone bank will change some of their management and also make efforts to come up. Diamond Bank will face challenges that may run them into unexpected debt. There will be changes in the leadership of CBN and some of the CBN contractors will run into troubles.



I foresee that there will be a lot of illegal transaction at NNPC. I foresee changes in the leadership of NNPC. Some of the NNPC contractors will run into troubles. I foresee irregularities in NNPC. I foresee that oil will dry up in some areas. AGIP will run into loss, Oando will face internal challenges and may lose some money. Oando may have issues with independent marketers. The company may lose some of their staff. Forte Oil will lose any contract or having a court matter. Heyden Petroleum Limited will have expansion and the company must pray against bereavement, unexpected loss and he will borrow money. He must be careful and prayerful so that his effort may not be in vain. MRS should pray against management troubles and pray not to lose huge amount of money. The Nigeria oil will not help our economy in the next 15 years. NUPENG and PENGASSAN will embark on strike. Some oil bloc license will be withdrawn.



There will be problems in some of our seaports. I foresee workers going on strike because of bad policy and the changes in the Nigerian Civil Aviation. I foresee that the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria officials may be sacked. I foresee series of challenges in FAAN. Let them pray against fire outbreak in any of the airports. Let us pray against crash-landing of Aircraft at the runways.



There will be changes and new policy in the Nigerian port Authority. Some companies may face challenges. The NPA will intercept a lot of illegal ammunitions. Some of the Customs officials will be sacked and demoted because of irregularities.



I foresee that the economy of Nigeria will still be faced with challenges if they failed to do the right thing. The economy will still fluctuate and the country will still be having economy hardship because the price of food will remain the same. I foresee that Dollar will still fluctuate. The government must take the right step to fight the economic problem. President Buhari must take cognizance of what is wrong to balance the economy.



The Customs will have crises with the Ministry of Finance and there will be rumour in the Ministry of Finance. There will be issue of money in the ministry.

I foresee that the Nigeria Customs will intercept explosive items.



The Nigerian Super Eagles going to the World Cup needs to put right people so that they can advance to stages. They need to put more extra efforts to win the nations cup. They need to put the right people in place on the field of play. There will be problem between the Ministry of Sports and the Nigerian Football Federation. I foresee problem in the NFF Board. Let us pray not to lose any African footballer. Some African players may run into problems in their various Clubs. Let us pray not to witness death in the Glass House and also at the Nigerian Sports Ministry.



I foresee the refurbishment of courts. Some states like Oyo, Ogun and Lagos will have new Judge. The Attorney-General of the Federation/the Minister of Justice should pray for victory and God’s protection as he will face some political troubles. He must watch his steps. Let us pray fervently to rebuke fire incident in his office. Let us pray to rebuke death among past Minister of Justice. Let us pray for God’s protection on all the SANS. Let us pray so that our court will not be engulfed by fire.



I foresee refurbishment and re-modification in our post office. The Post Master General will be changed.



The Senate should pray against death and protests in the year. I foresee a rowdy session in the Senate.



I foresee a review of taxation and changes in the fold most especially expatriates tax and company tax. Some tax officials will run into crisis in Federal Inland Revenue Services and there will be new tax scheme.

Following these revelations, Primate Ayodele noted that prophetic messages have deeper meanings and so require that one keeps his mind alive when reading meanings to them.

He explained that quite a number of people did not have the capacity to interpret prophecies which, he said, was the reason some people describe such divine messages as prophecies of doom.

“Prophetic messages have deeper meanings and thus you need to let your inner mind be at work when you read meanings to prophecies so as to be divinely guided. You need divine wisdom to do it right. A very good example is the divine words of God that we saw during the last general elections in Nigeria”, he said.

Ayodele referred to the book of Isaiah 55:8 to buttress his point, saying: “‘For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways says the Lord.’ God’s words have spiritual codes and only a spiritually discerning mind can get it right. God is not man”.

In Acts 2:17-18 we read, “In the last days, God said, ‘I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, and your old men will dream dreams. Even on my servants, both men and women, I will pour out my Spirit in those days, and they will prophesy.


Past And Present

In 2015 in Global Excellence magazine’s special edition, the man of God foresaw that singer Davido would run into troubled waters. Also, Primate Ayodele prophesied Liberian politician, George Weah would enjoy higher political support and may win his country’s presidential election in the future if he sought the face of God.

Primate has also prophesied that the Buhari government will be canvassing for 2019 but his government will be weakened.

“There will be a lot of issues about his government and more corrupt personnel will be exposed. Let us pray against bridge breaking, Buhari will be misquoted in some political statements. I see changes in service chiefs, police, for some DIGs, there will be problem between the presidency and the senate. Let us pray against unexpected fire outbreak. On the 2019 election, a lot of politicians will be disappointed. Let us pray against problem in immigration, customs. Chelsea coach must be careful not to have trouble. I see penetration of ISIS into Nigeria. Ghana president must be careful not to run into crisis.

In the North, some APC members will decamp to PDP again, army officers will be probed. Let us pray against clash between the army and police. APC will want to expose a lot about PDP and PDP will not take it easy. Let us pray against political killings. Some countries in the world will have their independence, some governors in APC will not return. Igbo will be used as political pawn and they may be used and dumped.