Famous Abacha Campaigner, Daniel Kanu, Returns With ‘Vision 2030’!


Remember him? He was the youthful lad behind the infamous group, ‘Youth Earnestly Ask for Abacha (YEAA)’ fame, which in 1998 campaigned for the transmutation of the late maximum ruler, General Sani Abacha from military head of state to civilian president.


Now, Kanu’s ‘New Deal Organization (NDO)’ is planning a new programme, according to information. He is set to mark the 20th anniversary of the “Two Million March Youth Rally” held for Abacha 20 years ago.

Daniel Kanu, while addressing journalists, said the anniversary would be used to launch “Vision 2030” for every state and the country on March 3 and 4 in Owerri, Imo State.


Kanu said the Vision 2030 would encapsulate the content of Vision 2010 and 2020 documents as well as the current realities in Nigeria.

He said the content of Vision 2010 document produced by 248 eminent Nigerians led by Chief Earnest Shonekan was still relevant, citing the references to value system, political system and democracy, education, health care, and poverty alleviation among others.


Kanu, who was flanked by NDO National Vice Chairman, Allahanana Sani Akwashiki; National Secretary, Dr Olusegun Adeleye and National Coordinator, Jude Menes, said that the Nigerian youths whose destiny and future are at state would champion the implementation of this developmental blueprint called Vision 2030.


He said, “My brothers and sisters, 2030 is just around the corner and we must prepare today to be ready to enjoy tomorrow. We must not continue to repeat past mistakes of ‘throw away the baby with the bath water’.

“The youths demand that resources should be channeled towards eradication of poverty through proactive measures to address the challenges of unemployment and hunger. We must prepare the youths through education and empowerment to meet the challenges in the current global village.”

He called on all youths, elders, less privileged and well-meaning Nigerians to attend the 20th anniversary to save the future and say no to poverty, injustice, and unemployment.

Kanu added, “Poverty, unemployment, high crime rate, and hopelessness are killing us and we cannot afford to sit down and complain without taking action. Let us put our faith to work by joining together in one voice to make the yearning of the youths for salvation heard loud and clear. No more neglect; no more injustice and unfairness; and no more hunger.

“We want a country where opportunity for growth, love for one another, conscience, compassion, integrity, contentment, honesty, patriotism, and honour are the guiding principles. We cannot afford to continue to gamble with our future as the stakes are extremely high. The time is now for citizens to contribute in the salvation of our beloved Nigeria.”

Daniel Kanu