ENTREPRENEURSHIP:Start Up Zobo Drink Business With Just N20,000 And Make A Fortune In Few Weeks!


Over 60% of university students don’t take breakfast. They wait till they can get snacks during breaks in between lectures.

One reason for this is that students love to save money. So they go for the cheaper options of foods and drinks.

This is the reason students prefer to spend N50 on the Zobo drink and N50 for bread, than spend N120 for an equal quantity of drink.

As long as the drink is chilled, and has a consistent taste, who cares?


On this basis, you can properly channel N20,000 to the Zobo business for N50000 in sales in the first month.

A heavy bag of Zobo goes for about N6000. You need to have constant water supply.

Recycled bottles cost N5 when bought in bulk. For the first day, you can buy 200 of them. They never spoil after all. So, for bottles, you will spend N1000.

For faster cooking, and cheap source of fuel, you may use charcoals. N1000 worth of charcoal boils 4 large pots of Zobo drink for a combined 288 litres of Zobo drink. This will make over 550 of 50cl bottles.

Because you need to keep your taste consistent, you can buy a digital weighing machine of about N2500; this will let you measure every ingredient, every time you prepare the Zobo drink.

Pineapples are costly. They won’t work for this business, and you will lose. So the flavour replacement won’t hurt. The pineapple flavour of Jozzy goes for N20 each. And they replace the need of sugar in one shot. N200 Worth of Jozzy makes two pots of thick 132 litres of Zobo.

Plenty people don’t like ginger taste; so a little would work. You will need N200 for ginger.

You must have freezer at home and live where you have constant power supply. So you’ll freeze the drinks in them. A big, working cooler goes for N3500.

The money left would be for fast and easy transportation of drinks from the house into the school or sale point.

With knowledge of marketing, selling 200 bottles of Zobo at N50 each gives you N10 000 in your first week.

Because a bag of Zobo can last for two and half months at this pace and quality of drink, you would be expecting N120 000 in gross sales from a bag of Zobo.