Edo 2024 Guber: Jacob Idinye Denies Involvement of PDP in Attacks on Opposition Parties


A two time governorship aspirant in Edo State and a chieftain of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), High Chief Jacob Egietseme Idinye has absolved his party of all blames in the series of attacks on the campaign trains of opposition parties across the state, saying the PDP abhors violence.

While reacting to the allegations of his party masterminding attacks on some members of the Labour Party and All Progressives Congress in the the state, the Etsako born media guru and politician described the allegation as baseless and untrue.

High Chief Idinye during a chat with some journalists in a popular hotel at his village in Agenebode (Etsako East, LGA) said, “It is irresponsible and reckless of the tottering political parties to level such a wild allegation without any substantial proof. Anywhere in the world, a winning side in any contest will never involve itself in any act of violence to disrupt its projected victory. Asue Ighodalo of the PDP poseses intimidation credentials that have already decimated his opponents and as well endeared him to the electorate. Impressively, various polls and pamutations have largely put him ahead of his opponents who are apparently pretenders and not serious contenders.

Idinye who is also a member of the newly inaugurated Etsako East LGA Campaign Council further said, “What we read recently in both social and traditional media are full of lies, innuendos, vituperative criticisms, and libelous. PDP is only be magnanimous and tolerant not to have them with legal suits. Moreover, the baseless allegation of the Labour Party and also of the All Progressives Congress accusing the ruling Edo State PDP of being responsible for the attacks of their supporters in Edo State is not only laughable but ridiculous and reprehensible.

“The PDP as the ruling party in Edo State remains the biggest stakeholder to ensure that there’s no breakdown of law and order. On behalf of my party I want to state unequivocally that PDP members were not involved in any attack. Our investigation into the concerned local governments and Wards made nonsense of the allegations.

“As a decent, disciplined and purpose-driven political party, our position has always been for the security agencies to do their jobs and bring those found culpable in any attack to book. Our leader and mentor, His Excellency Governor Godwin Obaseki is a lover of peace and unity, similarly our candidate, Dr Asue Ighodalo is also an Ambassador of peace who has utter disdain and contempt for violence. He will never be involved in any act of violence, neither does he have any history of same. A complete gentleman, brilliant, with bold ideas and competence, a man of integrity, dignity and moral rectitude.

“Those who alleged must be able to provide evidence and point at suspects and leave the rest to the police and other security agencies. We abhor violence as a party. Everybody has the constitutional right to support whichever party they choose and we don’t think that should make for any kind of violence. We don’t see the Labour or any other party as a threat in Edo our good works and scorecards.

“It’s important to put it on record that every indication points to our victory in the coming election in Edo State based on the widely acknowledged great performance of the state governor, His Excellency Godwin Obaseki and other elected and appointed government officials in this outgoing tenure.

“Our members have no business unleashing attacks on the opposition parties. The state government remains committed to the security of the lives and property of all Edo State citizens and residents irrespective of political affiliation.

“The Labour Party and All Progressives Congress attack dogs will do well if they desist from needless blackmail and face the substance of the expectations of the electorate, so churning out damaging and misleading footages and images on the social media with the vicious intent to sow seed of discord and spread falsehoods will only bounce back on these misguided elements alongside their paymasters. Asue Ighodalo clearly holds all the aces, he is not only contesting, but will record a landslide victory.”