‘Double Wahala’ Crooner, Oritsefemi And Wife Share Their Romance Story



Every couple has a love story about how they met and got stuck in love. Ajegunle star singer, Oritsefemi Majemite Ekele, otherwise known as Oritsefemi and his new wife, Nabila Fash, are no different.

Eight months ago, precisely on April 20th 2017, the ‘Double Wahala’ crooner got married in a private arrangement to Nabila, who was believed to be expecting their first child, at their Lekki home, Lagos, where they’d lived together as lovers. Meanwhile, on Sunday, November, 25th, 2017, the couple had an elaborate society wedding at The Ark, Lekki, Lagos where personalities of high caliber gathered to honour them, including Oritsefemi’s close colleagues in the music industry and friends in the movie industry. Global Excellence magazine had brief interaction with the lovely couple while the event was in progress. In the chat, both Oritsefemi and Nabila shared the story of their journey in love. Excerpts… 


 Please, share the circumstances of meeting your wife.

ORITSEFEMI: I met her at a show in Nigeria. I had just returned from a tour in 2016 when I was hired by MultiChoice to perform at an event. When I was at the backstage with Daddy Showkey and other colleagues, she was the one attending to the needs of everyone.


When you met, what actually attracted you about him?

NABILA: The truth is, when I met him, I had no idea I just met my forever partner. But from meeting him while on duty to falling in love with his real personality, I knew I had found a gem in him. When he asked me out, I said no. I told him I cannot date an artiste and that I loved my quiet life. That did not stop him. He would always call, visit me after work and sometimes, we would hang out together. I started seeing the other side of him. He is so caring, very intelligent, shy and so lovable. I still had my reservations. So I started doing my underground background check on him, and he passed. That got me.


How long did you put her on the watch before saying your mind to her?

ORITSEFEMI: Well, I actually put her started watching her right from that event. Despite that she was beautiful; I also liked the way she related with the artistes at that event. I was standing far from her, so she didn’t notice I was observing her.


How long did it take you to say yes to his marriage proposal?

NABILA: Before we started dating, Femi would always tell me, ‘I will marry you‘. I always thought that was a way to get what he was looking for. I was wrong. One evening, he said, “babe, let’s get married”.  I just laughed and said, where is the ring. He told me, “I am not giving you any ring. I want to do the real thing this time. I saw how serious he was, so I said yes and we started planning our civil wedding.


Was there any challenge faced while you guys dated?

ORITSEFEMI: When I told her I wanted to marry her, she thought I was joking. She said she knew Oritsefemi’s music but didn’t know the person behind the music. She said she needed to know me more before she could say a word. She had already taken her time to know me more before she started hearing negative things about me. All that she later heard didn’t change her perception of me though.


What will be your fondest memory meeting him?

We dated for one year before I agreed to marry him. In fact, we had a lot of issues at first as I could not come to terms with the idea of dating an artiste. I was still seeing him like I was dating a regular guy. We had to deal with issues of other women and other stuffs. But what actually got me hooked to him was because of the way he treated me. He is so caring a guy. He is so intelligent and so smart.


Frankly, is she lucky to be the right woman for you?

ORITSEFEMI: Yes, she is. Most women are very intelligent. But I have always told God that among these intelligent ones, I need just one to stand by me for the rest of my life. I think she saw that I was sincere to her from the beginning. I am always truthful to her and she is always truthful to me.