“Don’t Define Me With My Past”…Actor Niyi Johnson begs fans


Actor Adeniyi Johnson, the ex-husband of actress Toyin Abraham has penned a lengthy post to trolls who keep using his failed marriage to slam in.

Niyi has since moved on with fellow actor, Seyi Edun while Toyin is with actor Kolawale Ajeyemi.

He wrote on IG;

“Quite a number of people know how celebrities should live their lives, what to wear, where to go, what to eat, cars to drive, areas they should stay and even how to sleep but their lives are in total disarray… often times you read comments like “must you reply” My dear I must… CELEBRITIES ARE HUMAN TOO…lots of stupid comments have sent many celebs into depression, it has caused a lot of damages. Most fights escalate because of your comment and homes broken due to hate speech from you and many ran into debt.

We go through a lot to put smiles on faces and home but what we get back from some people are hatred and abuses for no reason.. I’ve been abused privately and publicly.