Don’t Be Full Time Housewives, Actress Esther Ene Advises Fellow Women


Nollywood actress, Esther Audu Ojire alias Esther Ene has advised Nigerian women not to become full-time housewives.

The movie star took to her Instagram page to dish out this piece of advice to women.

In her words:

“I know I might be shaking a small table today but I will tell you the truth. Ladies, open your ears, DONT JUST SIT AT HOME AND BE LAZYING AROUND, WORK. Learn a craft, sell something, pursue a career, do something.

Social media platform is here, make good use of it, market your product, don’t just be on social media to see gist and do amebo, make good use of the media. You don’t need to have a shop before you start a business, start from your house and God will enlarge you.

Men, please allow your wives do something, being a full house wife can be depressing. God bless us all.”