He was taken aback. He wasn’t expecting those questions. But he was smart. He merely looked at me and smiled. The guy really knew how to charm a woman.

“Listen, dear, I am not a soothsayer, I am not a prophet, so I couldn’t have known the answers to any of these questions you’re asking me,” he’d returned calmly. “But what I do know is that you have an amazing personality and I would like to see you again possibly if you don’t mind.”

“So, it’s not because you’ve seen my nudity and you want to have a taste of me?” I asked, keeping a straight face and looking at him straight in the eyes.

“I swear, it’s nothing like that. I guess you just captivated me with all of the drama you played with my dad a while ago, that’s all,” he answered.

“And how am I supposed to believe this is not the same thing you tell every pretty female patient that comes your way?” I asked him, getting up on the stretcher.

“I cross my heart, Anita, I don’t do this with every female patient who comes to see me,” he returned.

“Okay, then, give me a piece and a pen so I can give you my contact,” I said to him. He was pleased. I gave him my contact and gathered myself together before leaving his office to go meet up with Aunty Meg.

“Are you okay?” she asked the minute I stepped through the door to meet her waiting at the reception.

Yes, Aunty, I’m alright, thank you.”

“Should we go and say thank you to Doctor Bambi?” Aunty Meg asked.

“Why do we need to do that? I don’t want his stress, Aunty, please, let’s go.” And that was it. I asked Aunty Meg to drive as we left the premises of the hospital…It was in the car that she said to me: “Anita, somebody sent me to you o,” she’d said.

“Sent you to me? Who could that be?” I asked her, totally puzzled.

“Doctor Bambi,” Aunty Meg answered, keeping a straight face.

“Doctor Bambi? What did he say?” I’d thrown at her.

Aunty Meg gave a long and heavy sigh before she finally said: “He said I should tell you that he likes you, that he will like to be your friend!”

Despite the fact that I was still feeling weak, I couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

“Who? That man? He likes me? He’s not serious. He must be out of his mind” I’d retorted, totally in disbelief of what I just heard.

“No, Anita, he was serious o!” Aunty Meg answered. There was a bit of seriousness on her face that surprised me. It was almost as though she was sympathetic towards the man. “He was really pestering me to know your details,” she’d continued, “in fact, he was hoping I could get you to see him in his office before you leave the clinic but I told him I was not sure about that knowing you would be too weak to still want to stay behind and be nice to him.”

“But what does he want? Why is he saying he likes me when he knows damn well I detest him just as much as he detests me?” I’d fired back.

“No, Anita, don’t talk like that. The man doesn’t detest you, you guys just got off on the wrong footing, that’s all,” Aunty Meg said.

“Wrong footing? You call that wrong footing?” I’d shot back at her. “The man was deliberately trying to embarrass me, Aunty, didn’t you see? In fact, why am I even bothering myself about him!”

“Well, I just think that….”

“But, Aunty Meg, I don’t understand you, I know this man is your friend, but why are you trying to get us together? Have you forgotten I’m somebody’s wife?” I’d snarled at her, doing everything I can to keep my voice under control.

“No, now, Anita, it’s not like that. I am not asking you to do anything bad, the man just wants to be a friend, that’s all,” Aunty Meg said, keeping a straight face.

“That’s all, right? Just friends, no strings attached? And you believed him, Aunty?” I asked her.

“Look, Aunty, I’m not sure I have the energy for this discussion. So, the man knew he was still going to chase after, yet he embarrassed me, put me through a lot of stress and made sure he collected his money in full before I was allowed into the surgical room. Why didn’t he ask me to keep the money if he knew he was still going to chase after me?”

“But he did.” Aunty Meg said to me.

“He did what?” I’d thrown back, puzzled.

“He asked you to keep the money,” she replied.

“Asked me to keep the money? When? How? Were you not there when I paid him?” I’d fired back at her, not knowing where she was going with her conversation.

She opened her bag. “Here is your money, he asked me to give it back to you, everything!”

That was a big shock. I was not expecting such gesture from the man. He returned all the money? I simply could not believe it.

“Aunty Meg, are you sure he gave you this money to give to me?” I had to ask her even though it seemed like a stupid question. It’s just that Doctor Bambi that I know, who repeatedly embarrassed me over the issue of money didn’t seem to be like a man capable of doing what Aunty Meg just told he’s done.

“Ah, would I be lying to you? Even if I was lying to you, where would I get this money from?” she told me. And she made sense.

“But why would he do that?’ I asked.

“Are you asking again?” she’d thrown back at me. “The man said he likes you.”

“But how can that be possible? How can he possibly say he likes me and he treated me the way he did?” I said to her.

“Some people are like that, Anita. They like you but they express it in very strange way,” Aunty Meg explained.

I shook my head. “It still doesn’t make sense to me,” I told her. “So, what does he now want from me?”

“Friendship of course,” she replied without hesitation.

“What kind of friendship? Does he not know I am another man’s woman? Didn’t you tell him?” I shot at her.

“Of course, I told him,“ she retorted. “But it really doesn’t matter, Anita, you just play along with him, you know now.”

“You mean like sleeping with him? Do you really expect me to do that?” I’d thrown at him. “Aunty Meg, please don’t let me be rude to you!?”