Quote –    “Life is an adventure — –Live it.

“Change is inevitable. Growth is optional.” Changing with time is to be dynamic. Dynamism is to be in conformity with every change.

”Team spirit or Unity is Nigeria’s biggest challenge. Lacking oneness, Lacking cooperation and direction or vision, Nigerians are the problems of Nigeria, their leaders are their main problems.” Nigeria’s destiny is in the hands of Nigerians.

”Nigeria needs both spiritual rebirth and Restructuring the constitution (The rule of Law). We have been saying it for a long time in this page, Nigeria needs God’s forgiveness, because of  bloodshed, killings to be in power, killings in God’s name, hypocrisy, fanaticism, money rituals, evil of all kinds, greed, avarice and corruption. Nigeria needs a name change and rewriting her rule of law’ (constitution). The present Nigeria structure or system is enslaving majority of the average Nigerians.



  1. MOMOH.


When Moon transits, the energy of strong emotions and feelings will push people to the extreme in their behaviour. Over-reacting makes some people look over exaggerated or blocking and hiding any reaction make them look emotionless. When the energy transits this sector; people born around February 20 to March 23 are more than likely to achieve a favourable time but born in its opposite around August 23 to September 22 have to be cautious, because it may be much harder for them.

The Moon energy is shrouded in mystery and obscurity. Emotions prevail against rational thinking. Fantasy inclination and over-sensitivity often oppose common sense. Search for solitude that easily turns people into dreamers. When the Moon passes through the sector of this energy, it is difficult to concentrate. There is significant possibility of calculation mistakes and negligence errors. Human emotions and feelings have unfavourable and negative influence on their work-efficiency.

Deep sadness and melancholy, influenced by this energy, may be escaped by taking care of self and personal inner peace. Avoiding communal activities and devotion to music, painting, poetry or just reading a good book may help you use these depressive moods for creativity.  The moon energy is a catalyst of fungal and viral diseases activity. Avoiding stagnant foods, strong alcohol beverages and strong medicines may minimize the risk of health imbalance. Days of this moon energy are not suitable for surgical intervention in the feet and toes aspect of the physical body.  The third week of August 2018 in Nigeria requires cautious mind. Be mindful of what you say as the politics in Nigeria continues to linger on.


The global keyword as it affects all nations of the world.


The month of August brings brilliant and new opportunities and we must allow ourselves to shift towards a new vision of our place in the world. 

The global energy embodies the themes of fearlessness, vitality, healing, health and enterprise. It’s all about courage right now, and not holding back because of the fears of the past. 

The benevolent energy of the heart brings the potential of divine connections, along with a willingness to work things out for the common good. 

The Angelic realm is very pro-active for us at this time, and you may well experience a subtle (or not!) nudge from the environments surrounding you to, “Come on now, get on with it!” 

Letting go takes energy and awareness, so your spiritual practice is your point of leverage for moving the boulder away from the doorway to the new land. 

August will be dramatic at times, as the energy represents power and the desire to control or dominate. Whatever the ups-and-downs are, know that change brings opportunity to those who are prepared. 


DESTINY;  A LOOK AT NIGERIA IN AUGUST 2018  BY SCHEREY M. MOMOH  (Posted since July 20, 2018)


POSITIVE ENERGY—- Wisdom, Peace, Unity, love, Truth, Co-operation, Diplomacy.  


NEGATIVE ENERGY—— Indecision, Lacking confidence, shyness, depression, pessimism, mood swings. 


NEW MOON— August 8,  2018.

FULL MOON— August 26, 2018.


The month of August 2018 begins on Wednesday and ends on a Friday with a total of 31 calendar days. Financial Issues of Nigeria last year budget, money spent, fake projects, accountability, secrets  may resurface etc. The August month Highlights are —


—All about Love and Hate in politics and romantic relationships,

—-People coming together and people coming apart,

—-Violence and peace, Betrayers etc.

—-Agreement and disagreement, especially on issues relating to politics and agreements or disagreements between political parties. 

— The vibrations of August also bring issues relating to foreign relations,

—- Major Rivalries, and contenders,

—Acts of hate such as major act of terrorism.

—Domestic issues.

—Women mysteries,

—- Peace accord or Broken,

—–Mediation, tact.

—-White lies,

—–Weather, Flooding, water related disasters in Nigerian states.

—-Faithlessness, hopelessness, common people, downtrodden, people in the street.

—-Traditional issues, boundary issues,

—-Romantic Relationship mainly as it affects celebrities,

—-Deaths as a result of flooding and in the sea, rivers, beach etc.

—- Emotional manipulations.

—-Confusions, fluctuations and unstable decisions etc.

—- Sentiments and emotions are also issues.

—-Karma, Nemesis or Sowing and reaping.

—– Women protests, or agitations. More revelations.

—-Fire, heat, gas, fuels, electricity issues dominate August 2018. 



If you are not led by the spirit of God or your intuitive voice, you may be a victim of these evil dates. Here are the dates prone to evil in this month of August.


August 2, 2018.

August 11, 2018.

August 20, 2018.

August 29. 2018.

August 3, 2018.

August 12, 2018.

August 21, 2018.

August 30, 2018.

August 5, 2018.

August 14, 2018.

August 23, 2018.

August 6, 2018.

August 15, 2018.

August 24, 2018.

August 7, 2018.

August 16, 2018.

August 25, 2018.

August 8, 2018.

August 17, 2018.

August  26, 2018.

August 9, 2018.

August 18, 2018.

August 27, 2018.


These evil dates bring bad news, accidents, fatalities, injuries, plane-crashes, sorrows, disasters, self-defeats, bad weather, rain disasters, disappointments, premature deaths, sudden deaths, natural disasters, terror attacks, explosion or fire outbreak, bad luck, etc. The eve of these dates should not also be taken for granted too.


Days Of  Taking Action in Nigeria are—-

August 8, August 17,  August 26,  2018.


Days of Challenges in Nigeria are —–

August 5, August 14, August 23, 2018.


 Days Of Changes in Nigeria are —

August 3,  August 12, August 23, 2018.




Nigeria’s success and happiness depend on a great extent upon how much imagination, creativity, excitement or joy especially when things are not running smoothly or when those in authorities have not been encouraging the aforementioned. At 57 years, this is a period of social grace and a time for things to happen, manifest, play with youthful side, feeling young, feeling great. etc The age will also determine how happy Nigerian people are at this stage in life.

Energy and effort will be spent by Government of Nigeria to recapture our lost youths with emphasis on losses by travelling overseas for greener pastures, drugs, improper education, shame, lack of care, love, scam, 419, get rich quick syndrome, prostitution,  lack of government and parental care, homelessness. This period of time in Nigeria is for both Government especially law makers, leaders, elders, opinion leaders, policy makers, and parents etc. to fix problems of the youths now before it will be too late. These mentioned groups of people are the mirrors to the youths of today, who are the leaders of tomorrow. This is a period of social grace between countries that are friends to Nigeria in trade and business and within Nigeria themselves. The period brings new/old political friends, associations, groups etc. Many homes in Nigeria may experience adjustment issues, commitment issues, responsibility issues, home issues, community issues, love issues, divorces, separations etc.

Romance will be predominant compared to long term relationship which gives room for emotional negative upsets. Avoiding the negative and receiving the positive side of the period. The month of December 2017 will be pleasurable and will bring an increase in responsibilities as it is a month of Christmas but caution is still needed. The month of February 2018 brings a quickening of events leading to June 2018 when things come to a head. July 2018 will bring opportunities for new directions and plans. September 2018 brings the opportunities for self-wishes.

Avoid life altering decisions like a change of jobs or home, avoid scattering of energy, binding commitment and finish one thing before starting a new one. Avoid loose and careless words as they will bounce back.


The period is addressing good, bad and ugly news—-


—-The Banking industry

—–University teachers,

—-University professors, 

—–Entertainment industry,

—— Career politicians.


— Popular people.



—–Elders and the aged


NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTE OF [email protected]


Consoling.  Solace.  Tender hearten.  Heartthrob.  Heartbeat.  Condolences.  Heart breaker.  Heartache.  Tearjerker.  Tears.  Tear drops.  Crying.  Weeping.  Loneliness.  Sadness.  Broken hearten.  Separations.  Whining.  Self-pity. Faith.  Believing.  Trust.  Phenomenon.  Wait and see, think and analyse what brings joy, ego, self-mentality, competition, rivalries, paternity issues, men mysteries, anger.

 Likely places to be in the news in Nigeria are Abuja, Abia, Adamawa, Abakaliki, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, Bauchi, Bayelsa, Benue, Borno, Calabar, Delta, Edo, Ekiti, Enugu, Owerri, Niger, Katsina, Gombe, Ebonyi,  Lagos, Kogi, Kebbi, Osun, Yobe, Kwara, Nassarawa, Ondo, Jos, Jigawa, Sokoto, Taraba, Ibadan, Uyo, Zamfara and others etc.




October 2017

December 2017

January 2018

March 2018

April 2018.

May 2018



— November 2017

—-February 2018

—June 2018

—–July 2018


KEYWORDS FOR [email protected] 57 YEARS ARE


 —– Unforgiving

—Dirty politics



–Divisive words, loose talk,

—Rape cases

—Domestic tyranny

—Security issues



—–Children outside marriages

—–Culture and religious war

——–sexual mysteries


——-Mood fluctuations

——money rituals

——-Floods, tidal waves and heavy rain

——  Divorces, separations in marriages

——-Romance, passion etc.

——— Wicked people and evil doers etc.

——– Religious bigotry

——– Family problems.

——– Communication issues.

——- Hearsay.


—— Surface appearance.



—Relationship with the divine
—deeper awareness
—-problem solver
—–spiritual bliss

——Applying God’s wisdom.


——Nursing and caring for others.

——–Winning success, rising above any temptation.


—over analytical
—-material loss
—money loss
—illicit affairs



—-mental illness, phobias, feet and toes.
——–Legal, Health issues
——–Holding back anger
 —–Clear up mental, emotional and physical clutters
——In possession of the reign of powers.


[email protected] 57 YEARS TIMELINE PERIOD

 During the action and peak points, events and reactions take place. This brings tension, action and reaction or agitation in the Nigerian environment. 


ACTION POINT ENERGY —— January 1st, 2018




OCTOBER 2016 TO  FEBRUARY 2018—-The themes of this period are Foundation issues, Work, Law and order, Security matters, implementation problem, Budgeting, debts, sexual issues.—-This period brings transformation, restrictions, administration, leadership problem, restructuring, restructuring the constitution, Referendum, opposition, reforms, foundation issues, youth unrest, youth on rampage, National karma, protests, strikes, rebels, militancy, violence, deaths, bad influence, sorrows, fatalities, misfortunes, tensions, stress, bigotry, fire, heat, gas, fuels, electricity.


 FEBRUARY 2018 TO JUNE 2018 ——- A period of  leadership challenges, stiff competition, ego, self- mentality,  material greed, rivalries, spirit, father, child, men mystery, self-motivation, self-doubt, false start, identity, faith, origin, soul, fire, forces, deaths, passion, paternity issues, control, authority, reliability,  nemesis, karma, call for restructuring the constitution or rule of law, sowing and reaping, money issues, irresponsibility, illness, obituaries, funerals, fire, heat, gas, fuels, electricity dominate this period.

JUNE 2018 TO  OCTOBER 2018— A period of selflessness, humanitarian, true love, unity, endings, transitions, sudden deaths, quarrels, separations, transformations, changes, letting go, eliminating the unwanted, charity, and inspiration. One should guard against selfishness and attachment here during this period. Showing compassion, tolerance and understanding in your partnerships.


  1. The first turning point in Nigeria started from 1960 and ended in 1976.
  2. The second turning point in Nigeria started in 1976 and ended in 1999.
  3. The third turning point in Nigeria started in 1999 till 2027.

The turning points are significant periods in Nigeria that are prone to the good, bad and ugly news.


1966, 1975, 1984, 1993, 2002, 2011, 2020



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