“Declare Total Lockdown for Fasting and Prayer” …PMAN gov, Olomide urges govt

"Declare Total Lockdown for Fasting and Prayer" ...PMAN gov, Olomide urges govt


The Lagos State Governor of the Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria, Comrade Kareem Ayinde Olomide popularly known as Kabiyesi on his recently celebrated birthday within the members of his family, has urged the federal government to declared a three day total lockdown for fasting and prayer.

He reiterated the need for fasting and prayer as the only solution to conquer the spread of coronavirus pandemic in the country.

“If truly we believe in the existence of God the time is ripe for us to call on Him to heal our land ”

Also noted that frontline Pastors, Imams and traditional worshippers should advice government more on efficacy of fasting and prayer as the only solution to end the pandemic.

He appealed to the federal government to put more effort in the spreading of the pandemic while the citizenry should also obey every directive by the government in other to avert another lockdown which may be disastrous because of poverty ravaging the entire country.

“It will unthinkable for government to sustain another total lockdown in the country now, going by the level of poverty around us ”

He also believed that, reopening of hotels and night clubs will curb the surge of rape in the country.

“Government need to reopen hotels and night clubs, as an avenue to end issue of rape which is so alarming in the country now”.

He opined that if all the suggestions are taking it will help in finding a last solution to the problems speedily.

Comrade Olomide