I reached for his trouser belt and unhooked it without breaking the kiss. I completely sealed his mouth with mine, probing into his with my tongue and barely allowing him a moment’s breath. Then I reached into his boxers and grabbed his handful of a dick that was now slowly starting to come to life. I gently played with it, running my finger tips on the long and loaded ‘Sausage roll.’ Then, I bent down, pulled down the whole of his trousers and went on my knees. Then, very tenderly, I held his sugar stick and took it gently in my mouth, giving him one of the best blow jobs he had ever received in his life. MD nearly went mad…..
He placed his hands on my shoulder as he started to moan. I could feel his body trembling under my spell. I had put him
on the flight to cloud 9 and there was no
turning back now. MD started to run his
hands through my hair as I knelt before
him performing wonders on his beautiful
dick. I grabbed his buttocks firmly and
used it to push his dick deeper and deeper
into my mouth. The man wan faint. But he
hadn’t seen anything yet.
When I felt I had done enough to his dick,
I rose to my feet and began to take off the
rest of his clothes, before pushing him to
the bed. He was stark naked now. I took
off my clothes and joined him in bed. MD
was as hard as a rock. I had never seen his
sugar stick look that strong and menacing
‘There is something I need you to do for me too, MD, before we get down to the
main thing,” I cooed into his ears.
“Oh, Anita, come on and finish what you
started. What’s that again that you want
me to do?” MD lamented. He was hungry
for me. He was on fire.
It’s something you have not quite done for me before whenever we make love, but I want you to do it for me today so we can both have a great time in bed,”
MD was puzzled. “Something I have never done? And what could that be?” he asked, truly confused.
I cleared my throat and picked my words. This will shock MD, a titled chief in his village but I didn’t give a hoot.
I looked straight into his eyes. “Give me a steaming head, MD, come and suck my pussy for me!”
For a moment, I saw MD’s jaw drop. He didn’t know what to say or make of my request. He certainly was not expecting anything like what I just requested from him. He looked at my face, turned his gaze towards my mid region. Then, he shook his head slowly.
“My darling, this one is serious o!” he’d muttered, looking somewhat nervous. I
found that amusing. Does it mean this man had never licked a woman down there before?
“But I have never done this before, Anita,” he answered my question.
“Really? Are you serious, MD?” I asked him, wondering if he was saying the truth. “You actually mean you have not sucked a woman’s pussy before?”
“Of course, I’m serious!” he’d retorted, a serious look on his face.
“Not even your wife?” I probed further.
“Not even my wife!” he replied. “The truth is, my wife would not even have let me do something like for her if I wanted to, she is too stiff and rigid for such things,” he said.
“And what about your girlfriends in the past?”
“None, I tell you, or do you think I’m lying? I have not done such before,” he’d shot back.
“But why, is it that you don’t like it or what?” I reached for him and started rubbing my hand all over his hairy chest.
“I don’t like it, to be honest with you, it’s too…it’s too….”
‘Dirty?” I helped him find the word he was searching for.
“Yes, something like that…” he answered.
I smiled. I knew that’s what he would say. “So, you think I am dirty? You think I’m not clean enough as your woman for you to put your mouth in my pussy?” I asked him pointedly.
“No, no, Anita, that’s not what I meant. It’s not about you…”
“Then, exactly what do you mean, MD?” I’d shot at him, trying to sound a little hurt but still keeping my hand running all
over his chest. “Or you feel that you don’t love me enough to do that for me?”
“Come on, Anita, why are you talking like that?” he retorted, looking at me with a bit of guilt in his eyes. “You know very well how much I love you but what you’re asking me to do is quite different.”
I didn’t even say anything. I just moved my hand from his chest and down inside his trouser. I reached for his already strong and hungry dick and began to stroke its big head gently. Then I let out his sugar stick from out of his trouser.
“I am not interested in your excuses, MD, I want to take your dick in my mouth right now and suck it all up for you. When I’m done, it will be your turn to take my pussy in your mouth and suck it all up for me, we have a deal, right?”
I did not even wait for him to respond, I took his fierce-looking sugar stick in my mouth and began to give him his best blow job ever!

…to be continued