C&S Leader Rebukes Pastors Who Invite Fuji Musicians to Play in Churches

C&S Leader Rebukes Pastors Who Invite Fuji Musicians to Play in Churches



A Lagos based cleric has frowned at the invitation of Fuji artistes to perform at church events, calling it Antichrist.

A popular Celestial church had stirred up the controversy recently when he invited a top Fuji musician to the church’s harvest weeks back, a decision that received knocks from a section of the Christian populace.

Apostle Oseni, the leader of Cherubim & Seraphim Leadership In Christ Ministry, declared his disapproval for the development.

He said;
“I think what the Cele pastor needs is our Father’s guidance to check him, I think there is a need for it in the church. I don’t know what he is trying to preach or do by inviting a Fuji artiste to play in a church harvest. Harvest is a symbolic thing in the Bible, to appreciate God for His blessings and ask for new favours.

So I don’t know the signifance of invitating the Fuji artiste to the harvest. If he had come to give testimony on his encounter with Jesus, that would have been gospel and to add value to the body of Christ. But what he had done was to come and repeat the same songs he is using to praise worldly men in the church while the pastor even ptostrated for him. It was very disgusting seen the altar of God turning to entertainment and event center. This is a place that is supposed to be a temple of God,” he noted.

Speaking further, the cleric gave an example in the holy Bible where Jesus sent out people who were buying and selling.

“Jesus Christ in the Bible Matthew 21-12, chased out people who are buying and selling in the house of God. He said “my father’s house shall be called a house of prayer.” We all saw what happened in Redeemed church when a pastor invited another Fuji artiste to a church program and he was sacked. What are we saying here? This is a church that has a lot of youth as followers and every mistake of a leader is seen to be a correct step by every follower.”

Prophet Oseni

He, however, stated that he was not critical of the man for a personal reason.

-Murphy Ajibade Alabi