Crystal Empire Records Sets New Standard




Crystal Empire Music and Records (CEMR) is set to take over the music industry and brings international standard into record label running in Nigeria with its new well-equipped music studio and record label company. 

The record label and its music studio are set to revolutionize the music industry across the globe, and the world can only wait to see how it will play out.

The rise in the number of talents in Nigeria and the need to do things right in the music industry gives birth to Crystal Empire Music and Records Worldwide. The new label is ready to not just change the face of the music industry but also contribute to the success recorded in the industry so far.

The CEO of Crystal Empire Music and Records Worldwide, Godwill Osazee who is also a fashion guru, said of his label: “It’s a thing of joy to unveil this record label and music company and I’m glad that my dream for the music industry is taking shape. African music industry has witnessed rapid growth in the last couple of years with several African artistes making headlines internationally. They have also made it to the top of music charts across the globe while also featuring on songs with international acts.”

He added further that: “While big African music talents seem to be taking over the music industry, not so much has been done to help the young, talented and upcoming music acts. This is where Crystal Empire Music and Records comes in particularly helpful with the unveiling of the record label and it will be signing young, talented and upcoming music acts.” 

Co-founder of the label, Osabueku Obazee Jnr, a renowned businessman and entrepreneur disclosed: “We are a brand that intends to take over the industry with loads of good vibes and music coming out of our label and sell out globally. We are currently making arrangements for the unveiling of our first act that is set to change the face of music via his talent and beautiful works.”

Crystal Empire Music and Records consists of a team of highly experienced and vast individuals that are ready to run with the vision of the company to discover, promote, market and manage talents across Nigeria and beyond as well as making good music that will cut across all age groups and travel beyond the shores of Nigeria.