And I Have Her Husband’s Consent!! (4)



This Is Crazy! My Lover Is A Married Woman

And I Have Her Husband’s Consent!! (4)


I unstrapped her breasts and covered first the left nipple then the right with my lips. They hardened and pointed at me challengingly.

She took off my belt and eased off a bit to take off her shorts and then she was straddling me, her boobs hung just above my face as she began to ride me like a jockey.

We went on for minutes before I turned her over and took control on and on, thrusting hard and making her scream. She peaked twice before I got there and when I did, she’d held me close, with my head on her ample bosom.

“You’re strong!” she kept on muttering in my ear as she tried to catch her breath, while I just lay on top of her, breathing lightly and thanking the beer which helped me go on and on.

That was how it started. I’d come in the mornings and we’d watch movies, make love, eat and do whatever caught our fancy.

Most times, we’d hit the beach at the weekends and it was great fun.

She was into the arts and we were always going to the theatre and exhibitions.

She spoiled me rotten with money and gifts. She bought me a new wardrobe, shoes, shirts, trousers, belts, underwear, the whole works.

She even paid for my computer course and because she wanted to be around me, she enrolled too.

“Why are you doing this? I asked when she told me she was enrolling.

“To be near you.” She said.

“Just that?” I’d asked again.

“Okay. For the hell of it! It’s only N40,500. It’s not much money.” She said at last.

It wasn’t my money and she could afford it. So why was I bugging? I’d let her do as she thought best.

Her sister came visiting a month after we met and Stephanie had introduced me as her guy and Lily, her sister, didn’t even bat an eyelid. She’d taken me as such and we’d had great fun for the one month she spent. Merlin was with their mother in Ibadan. So there was nothing to bug them.

Stephanie’s husband was still abroad and because I didn’t see him I soon got used to Stephanie and in no time I’ beaten my conscience and that nagging sense of guilt to pulp.

But something happened which almost caused me a heart attack but which ended up leaving me more amazed and surprised at the way of the world.

It made me remember what my old grandmother used to tell me long ago in the village. She used to stay, “The farther you go, the more you’ll see.”

And the farther I’d gone to Lagos the more I was seeing.

About five months after we met, I’d had to go on an errand for my uncle. He’d sent me to the village for something important.

“I’ll go with you,” Stephanie said.

“Of course not,” I exclaimed.


“Oh, nothing that I can think of, but I don’t think it’s alright”.

“And I asked for reasons.”

“I don’t have any but I just know it.”

The argument had gone on and on like a ping pong ball before she’d agreed to stay back and we’d ended up in bed.

“Make sure you get back on time.”

She said and I’d promised I would. She gave me N50,000 for my expenses and my mother was surprised when I gave her N20,000  when I got to the village.

“You didn’t call to say that you’d got a job,” she’d said.

“Mama, I haven’t got a regular job yet but I’m involved in some businesses with my friends.”

My mother had thanked God before dashing off to the market to buy things. She’d prepared a feast for me.

I spent three days at home and brought all my old clothes and a few new ones and shoes too for my younger brothers. I also gave the three of them N2,000 each.

I left the village for Lagos with a flood of prayers and goodwill carrying me on its waves.

I hit Lagos late at night and went straight to bed. I woke late the next day and lazed for a while, watching the teevee Stephanie had bought for me and listening to music on the CD she’d bought me too.

I showered at about 11 and walked down to Stephanie’s. I was dressed casually. I had on shorts, a polo shirt and the black leather sandals I’d got for my last birthday.

The guards knew me and I am sure they knew Stephanie and I were lovers. They let me in and I’d sauntered into the sitting room after a perfunctory ring of the bell.

I entered into the parlour and was reaching over to pick up a copy of Time Magazine when a male voice cut me short.

I’d jumped and knocked over the ceramic vase on the table.

“Good morning! “The voice had boomed and as I tried to gather my shattered wits about me as I croaked.

“Good morning,” I said and turned to look at him.

He was tall and graying around the temples. He was handsome in a rugged sort of way and looked very athletic. He was dressed in a blue and white Polka dotted pyjamas and even though he exuded authority and control, I could see the lines of worry and sadness around his slack mouth and tired eyes.

“You must be Kerin? “He said, walking towards me.

Instinctively, I’d begun to take a step backwards but I’d remembered the gate and the guards and I’d broken out in a cold sweat. I’d walked into a goddamned trap!

“Yes, I’m Kerin. “I answered, steeling my heart.

“I thought as much!” he said and allowed a wry smile.

“Why don’t you join me for breakfast? Stephanie is upstairs going through her elaborate toilet”, he said conversationally as he turned towards the dining area.

Like a zombie, I followed him. I wasn’t hungry but since I didn’t want to annoy him, I went along.

He poured coffee and pushed the coffee pot to me. I poured too and sat staring across at him.

“Toast”, he announced, pushing the plate to me.

“No, thank you. Coffee will do just fine. “I said and sipped the coffee.

It was a small sip but I had problems getting it past my throat.

“Stephanie tells me you need a job”, he said, chewing slowly on his toast. The fingers that held the toast were well manicured just like Stephanie’s.


“What did you major in and where would you like to work?”

“I read Economics and I wouldn’t mind any good job”.

“No, I want you to be specific.” He insisted.

“An oil company or oil services company will do.”

“Okay”, He said and sipped his tea.

‘You’ll get me your CV and credentials. I’ll see what can be done”.

Silence had encroached.  A very thick and unnerving silence which was broken by Stephanie’s arrival.

“Kerin, you’re back, “She said, coming over and patting me on the shoulder.

“You’ve met Dave, my husband.” she said, sitting down.

“We’ve met and we’ve had quite some nice discussion,” Dave said and pushed his chair back. “I have to attend a meeting at one. I better run,” he said and excused himself.

I was still there, feeling numb and fazed when he came down in chinos and a blue polo shirt.

“Get those things down, okay”, he said and was off.

It took me all of 10 minutes before I could speak but Stephanie had brushed aside my unease.

“He didn’t eat you, did he?” She’d asked and I’d had no answer.

Dave did get me a job in an oil services company on Victoria Island. It’s a good job. I’ve been there for seven months now and I already have my own house and an official car.

I still see Stephanie but I’m scared, especially after I discovered what you’re about to read. I discovered something or rather, Stephanie told me something which has left me puzzled and very worried.

Stephanie has got Dave where woman should never have a man; with her fingers around his balls.

Her father is a native doctor who had made the charm which fetched Dave his millions. In exchange for her services, Dave had agreed to marry Stephanie.

So, it was wealth for marriage. But there was a catch too. Dave would be impotent. So their marriage was just a sham. He could only function thrice a year and those were the times he came back home.

In exchange for all those problems, he had millions in all currencies. But he wasn’t a normal man in the sense of the word. That was why he let his wife keep men friends without raising hell.

I was the third in line and once Stephanie told me, I began looking for ways to sneak out of the relationship.

Stephanie has noticed and told me to go when I want but I’m still scared.

Dave has been away for a while now. We’ve got quite chummy and he’s bought me a couple of shirts in the past couple of months.

Yet, now that I’ve discovered their dark secret, I’m set to take off and I’m sure if you were me, you’d do the same too.

The only thing is that I’m scared of how Stephanie would take it and what she might do. What should I do? Please tell me.