Corporate Pictures Boss, Rasak Abdullahi, Battles US Film Maker Over Rights “You’re Not One Of Us” “You Can’t Ban My Works”


Corporate Pictures boss pix

The brewing brawl between the duo of Yoruba Video Film/Producers Association of Nigeria, (YOVIFPMAN) and the US based movie producer, Bukola Fagbuyi is taking no peaceful measure as Bucky had confidently said her movie could not be banned by the association’s executive spearheaded by Alhaji Abdullahi CEO Corporate Pictures.
According to information within our reach, the Association of Yoruba Movie Marketers had earlier instructed some movie distributors nationwide not to sell a new release from the stable of Integrity Productions titled ‘Sekunola’.
A source divulged that, the Chairman of the Association, Alhaji Rasaq Abdullah gave the directive through a text message instructing the association’s films distributors across the states of the federation to avert the distribution of any film that has violated the ‘Film Release Circular, (FRC) of the association. The controversial text message credited to the chairman of the association read as thus:
should any member in our State accept for sales any Film not in our Film Release Circular. Any member caught in this act will risk terminating our mutual relationship. Thanks yovifpmanGS”
Hence, immediately, the sms hit the phones and integrity boss got wind of the messages, he responded through BB/BC. “My attention has been drawn to series of sms sent to some film distributors across the country by the chairman and some members of Yoruba Marketers Association
(Idumota/Arena Marketers) threatening
them (the distributors) not to sell any film coming from the stable of Integrity Productions.
“It’s obvious that they are doing this to frustrate the successful distribution and marketing of Sekunola simply because of the high demand for the movie in the market. The same thing happened when we released B’ogiri O Lanu.
“I’ve received series of telephone calls asking me if Sekunola will still hit the market on Monday. We are releasing Sekunola on Monday 16th Nov, no going back. Please take note, we have the capacity to sell our movies independently without the involvement of anyone. Sekunola will be available in all integrity sales outlets from Monday Nov 16, also our sales reps will put on our uniform (orange & green)to market it (road show).”
In the same vein, our correspondent called Bukonla through her American hotline, here is what she told us, “my movie had been released since 16th of November and it is selling like hot bean cake. No marketer can ban my movie because I’ve statutory right to release my movie without the input of anybody as long as it is censored and gone through other fundamental stepped align with the rule and regulation of the copyright.
“I don’t believe in Idumota’s system. I have my own structure of getting my things done. I could remember in year 2013, somebody entrusted me with her movie project which I gave a particular marketer to release and distribute; it will interest you to know that up till date, the film is yet to be released. Even the producer hardly believed in me that I’ve not sold the movie. The movie was not released and the producer is yet to earn a penny from the investment. So, I see no reason why they will stop my distribution after all we are not using their distribution network. We have our own strategy. Our distribution outlets are everywhere,” she said.
Reacting to the issue on telephone chat with our correspondent, YOVIFPMAN cum Corporate Picture Chairman, Alhaji Rasaq Abdulillahi said, he could not imagine where the whole blaspheme emanated from because, “Yovifpman has no business with none member among the movie distributors.
“We only forwarded the text message to inform distributing members within the organisation not to accommodate or circulate any movie coming out from the stable of any marketer that does not belong to the association and as well comply with the Films Release Circular.
“Everybody has statutory right to release and circulate his or her movie once he feels he has the strength and idea of how to get his job to the consumers,” he explained.

-Rahman Is’mail