Connecting Bukola Saraki With Hiphop Star Wizkid


It is already in the public domain that Hiphop star, Ayodeji Balogun also known as Wizkid released a new album penultimate Thursday.  It was his fourth studio album.

The new album titled ‘Made-In-Lagos’ was released on Thursday, 29 October 2020 at exactly 11.11 pm.

‘MadeinLagos Tonight 11.11 pm Naija time!!#DroptheNigerianflag if you ready!! Wizkid  stated on Instagram on Thursday.

It was eventually released as planned and his fans including  former Kwara State governor,  Dr Bukola Saraki  were super excited.

The former Senate President said it was the new album that made the month end on a happy note for him.

‘Wizkid’s #MadeInLagos is a brilliant end to what has been a long and eventful month for all of us.

Wizkid has dropped two singles off the MIL album entitled Smile and No stress, which featured Grammy award-winning American artist H.E.R-