Cleric Kidnaps Girl At The Bells! …Detained At Obasanjo’s Private Cell

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We all tend to focus on identified evil men around and overlook the fact that there are truly evil people who feign sainthood. The fact is that, we have utterly despicable so-called men and women of God who often unleash disaster in people’s lives.


Preparatory to the 2015 general elections in Nigeria, an inside source informed Global Excellence magazine that a Muslim cleric was arrested for allegedly abducting a pupil at the primary section of The Bells, a group of schools owned by former President Olusegun Obasanjo.


The source named the cleric as Mosud, a part-time Islamic teacher in the school.


“Alfa Mosud was one of those who offered prayers at the school and he was a part-time teacher,” explained the source.


Before nemesis caught up with Alfa Mosud, the source stated, he had been placed on the watch list by the school’s security men because of his strange mingling with the female pupils.


The source claimed that the cleric had lured his victim outside the school premises during break but one of the security men trailed them until he was convinced of the Alfa’s evil intention when he raised the alarm.


The case was later reported to the police, according to the source. But when Chief Obasanjo got hint of it, he allegedly ordered that the accused be taken to his private cell located within the farm.


-Abiodun Ishola