Charity Galore, As Primate Ayodele Places Aged Mother, Son on Life Salary


Servant of God and founder of INRI Evangelical Spiritual Church, Lagos, Primate Elijah Babatunde Ayodele, has shocked an old woman and his son when he announced during a church programme a life salary for both of them, according to the ministry’s information department.

Primate Ayodele, for the record, has for a long time been focusing his strength on providing help to the poor and assisting the less privileged, including widows and widowers, orphans and vulnerable children.

A true prophet of God, Ayodele is ever untiring in his charity works as he says they are meant to not just restore hope in the lives of the less privileged but also to give the society hope and further the church’s mission of spreading the Gospel far and near.

A philanthropist of note, the charismatic man of God blessed the octogenarian woman and her son at the latest edition of  ‘INRI God Will Not Put Me To Shame Prayer Outreach’.

According to the statement, Ayodele, who, while ministering, sighted the old woman sitting at the front row and felt for her situation, gestured at her, saying “hence, i will be paying this old woman and her son monthly salary. Not that the money would be paid for a particular time, but is going to be a life time salary and it has started immediately.”

The cleric said that, he would also be responsible for the old woman’s feeding and shelter for life.

The congregation was erupted in joy and old woman and her son could not hide their surprise, as they both shed tears of joy.

Ayodele, reaching out to the beneficiaries

The lucky mother and son, in tears of joy