This Is Crazy! My Lover Is A Married Woman And I Have Her Husband’s Consent!! (3)





She’d reached for the battery of remote controls on the table and flicked the teevee off then with another one, she flicked the CD player. Boyz II men came on.

We drank in silence. The music was playing softly. Her child soon fell asleep and she took him to bed. She came back with another bottle of beer and a large chunk of cake.

“Sorry, I haven’t got anything cooked,” she said, sitting beside me on the leather couch.

“Don’t tell me you stay here all alone,” I said.

“I do, my husband spends more time abroad than he does here.”

“You don’t have house helps?”

“No. Someone comes in to wash and clean the house every other day. I had my sister with me but she just left”.

“So how you manage with Merlin?”

“Merlin doesn’t stay with me. My mother takes care of him. She’ll be here to get him tomorrow morning. She says I’m a lousy mother and lets me have him for just a little while”.

“You’re a strange one,” I said and emptied my glass.

Silence reigned. I poured some more drink, cut a piece from the cake and tried to think of what I was doing with a married woman who was as pretty as a mermaid and who was doing sweet, sweet number on my emotions.

“It must get pretty boring here once in a while,” I said.

“Watch movies, read books, play music but at times, I really crave human company.”

“I would too if I were you,” I said and lipped my drink.

Just then, Boyz II Men’s ‘I’ll make love to you’, came on and she raised the volume and began to sing to me.

I picked up my glass and began to stare at the dissolving bubbles. I didn’t want to look in her eyes but the next thing I knew, she’d inched up to me and removed the glass of beer from my hand and covered my mouth with hers.

‘I shouldn’t do this!’ My brain screamed but my body was singing a different tune. I was turned on. I’d been turned on since I saw her walking with her son earlier on in the evening.

I kissed her back now but kept my hands by my side. She crawled up on me, pushing me down on the couch. Her left hand came to rest on my crouch and as she fumbled to get my trouser down, I lost control. I began taking off her tee shirt and two boobs encased in lacy. St. Michael’s bra sprang up at me and my breath caught in my throat.

She’d got my upper open and now held me in her hands. She stroked me and sent fires and shivers up and down my spine.

I unstrapped her breasts and covered first the left nipple then the right with my lips. They hardened and pointed at me challengingly.

She took off my belt and eased off a bit to take off her shorts and then she was straddling me, her boobs hung just above my face as she began to ride me like a jockey.

We went on for minutes before I turned her over and took control on and on, thrusting hard and making her scream. She peaked twice before I got there and when I did, she’d held me close, with my head on her ample bosom.

“You’re strong!” she kept on muttering in my ear as she tried to catch her breath, while I just lay on top of her, breathing lightly and thanking the beer which helped me go on and on.

That was how it started. I’d come in the mornings and we’d watch movies, make love, eat and do whatever caught our fancy.

Most times, we’d hit the beach at the weekends and it was great fun.

She was into the arts and we were always going to the theatre and exhibitions.

She spoiled me rotten with money and gifts. She bought me a new wardrobe, shoes, shirts, trousers, belts, underwear and so on.

She even paid for my computer course and because she wanted to be around me, she enrolled too.

“Why are you doing this? I asked when she told me she was enrolling.

“To be near you.” She said.

“Just that?” I’d asked again.

“Okay. For the hell of it! It’s only N45,500. It’s not much money.” She said at last.

It wasn’t my money and she could afford it. So why was I bugging? I’d let her do as she thought best.

Her sister came visiting a month after we met and Stephanie had introduced me as her guy and Lily, her sister, didn’t even bat an eyelid. She’d taken me as such and we’d had great fun for the one month she spent. Merlin was with their mother in Ibadan. So there was nothing to bug them.

Stephanie’s husband was still abroad and because I didn’t see him I soon got used to Stephanie and in no time I had beaten my conscience and that nagging sense of guilt to pulp.

But something happened which almost caused me a heart attack but which ended up leaving me more amazed and surprised at the way of the world.

It made me remember what my old grandmother used to tell me long ago in the village. She used to stay, “The farther you go, the more you’ll see.”

And the farther I’d gone to Lagos the more I was seeing.

About five months after we met, I’d had to go on an errand for my uncle. He’d sent me to the village for something important.

“I’ll go with you,” Stephanie said.

“Of course not,” I exclaimed.


“Oh, nothing that I can think of, but I don’t think it’s alright”.

“And I asked for reasons.”

“I don’t have any but I just know it.”

The argument had gone on and on like a ping pong ball before she’d agreed to stay back and we’d ended up in bed.

“Make sure you get back on time.”

She said and I’d promised I would. She gave me N50,000 for my expenses and my mother was surprised when I gave her N20,000 when I got to the village.

“You didn’t call to say that you’d got a job,” she’d said.

“Mama, I haven’t got a regular job yet, but I’m involved in some businesses with my friends.”

My mother had thanked God before dashing off to the market to buy things. She’d prepared a feast for me.