“Buhari Not A Clone, In Charge of His Govt” …Abati shares personal interview experience


Reuben Abati, a former media aide to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan, has clarified some rumours surrounding President Muhammadu Buhari after his recent interview with Arise TV.


Reuben Abati


Reuben Abati made this clarification via an article on Tuesday, June 15.




There were claims about the Presidency being taken over by a cabal, with some also arguing that the elected President died a while ago and had been replaced by a body clone called Jibrin from Sudan.




Nigerians have also been told how their President had succumbed to a combination of dementia and senility and his administration taken over by some persons who call the shots in his name.




“The man that our team sat with and interviewed didn’t sound like a Jibrin from Sudan,” Reuben Abati said.




“He was alert; alive; informed! confident; relaxed; witty; and also capable of disarming humour. He was not the invalid or the senile old man that his critics say he is.




“He didn’t sound weak either. As the interview progressed, he had another function that he needed to attend, and we didn’t leave the Villa until about 11 pm.




“Less than 12 hours later, the same man, the following day was in Lagos to commission rail, maritime, and security projects.”