Bright Wonder Launches Covid-19 Gameshow, ‘The Big Picture’ *N250,000 to be won

Bright Wonder Launches Covid-19 Gameshow, 'The Big Picture' *N250,000 to be won


The Big Picture Game Show, a series that tackles social ills in the society using quiz and comedy is set to debut.

The series that will be engaging contestants in a themed quiz with the view of winning a grand prize will premiere on YouTube this Friday, May 22, 2020 by 7pm @FFIF TV.

Organiser of the show and the CEO of High Definition Film Academy, Bright Wonder Obasi, who invented the series said the pilot season is dedicated to the fight of the global pandemic that has held the world hostage in the 21st century and that the series is themed ‘Stay Alive’.

He said, “Basically I just want to key into the Covid-19 wave and lend my voice to the fight against the pandemic. So I came up with this idea in form of a quiz show, where contestants from all across the nation are contesting to win a grand price in form of palliative by answering questions related to Covid 19. They will go through preliminary stages and then the top two compete in the final, and the winner goes with the grand prize.”

Bright Obasi said, “through the show we are teaching almost everything there is about covid 19 through the quiz questions, including the ills from both government, private institutions and individuals during this pandemic. And very importantly, in a humorous way that will sustain the audience while they learn from the show about staying safe from Covid 19.”

He equally said one of the highlights of the show is that there will be #5,000 palliative for viewers of the show on YouTube and answer questions.

The pilot show is hastag #TheFallofCovid19.

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