Believe In Your Dream, Give It Time *by Alli Quadri Olalekan

Life is directly proportional to time, and to say you have life or you are alive is to say you have time, life and time are just two words that mean the same thing, just like 48 hours and 2days means the same.
Life is based solely on two concepts; time and space, these two are the only constants, life itself is a provision of the two. The two  (time and space) can never exist separate from eachother for thay are dependent on eachother, there has to be a space for an occourence, there has to be a time when an occourence happens, the experiencing of time and space is what is called an “event”. So we cannot say I am writting (event) this message without knowing or having a place (space), and when (time)  am performing this act. You can never be reading this message (event) without being in a place (space) and having a moment (time) seperated from your busy schedule to perform this act.
Can you cook beans (event) in your kitchen (place) in ten minutes? Can you expect a baby that was born today to start talking today? Can you expect a seed you just commited to the soil last week to become a full grown tree in a Month? Every event in life take time and mostly the time is nonegotiable. It takes 24 hours (time) for the earth to rotate round the sun in its orbit (space). Some events in life like the examples mentioned above are known, familiar and have been proven as a fact, while some have not.
Nobody knows how long he or she will live on earth, also as an entrepreneur you do not know when you get your major breakthrough, so you should give it enough time, time enough to make your dreams come true, not the time you think or assume, not the time you expect it to happen, not the time you heard it took the next man to achieve his dreams for you both have different conditions and variables.
To give your dream enough time to mature or materialise, you need patience, perseverance and believe in yourself. You need to believe in your dreams and have strong, enough passion to stay on your project long enough for it to materialise, no matter how long it takes or what you go through it will be worth it at the end. Don’t give up, stay positive, believe and give it as much time as forever.
-Alli Quadri Olalekan (Light) is the CEO of Quadoowear. He is on @quadooweartvblog on Instagram.