Bad Timing!


I told her that would be fine by me and we left it at that. The following day, I was up early. Understandably so too. I had a big day in front of me. I had no idea what the experience would be like. How painful would it be? How long would it take me to recover from the pains and experience of having your vagina ripped apart with knives, scissors and the sorts by a man probably way below the class of the man that mounted you and deposited the baby there in the first place? The very thought of these frightening scenario totally scared the hell out of me. But I had no choice. Whether I liked it or not, I had to be prepared to do whatever it is to get myself out of this mess that I found myself in. Didn’t somebody say nothing good comes easy? Lying down on a bed and taking off my clothes for a man I never knew from Adam to have unhindered access to my most treasured property is enough trouble for me to cope with, but then, I had no choice in the matter. For me to get the solution I was looking for;  I had to be prepared to do everything I would be asked to do, it would not matter if it was convenient for me or not.

Less than an hour to mid-day, I’d sent my maid to go tell Aunty Meg that I was almost ready, and she sent words back to me that she was almost set too, that by 12 O’clock on the dot, we should take our leave.

I continued my count down to 12 O’clock. I was already set to step out of my apartment at about five minutes to twelve when the shocking happened. I didn’t hear the car pack outside, it was the doorbell I heard. And when I opened the door, standing right before me was the last person I wanted to see-MD!!

I almost couldn’t believe he was actually standing before me. He was the last person I expected to find at the door. I cursed silently under my breath. What is this man doing here, for crying out loud? And at this very bad time? It took everything in me to restrain myself from shutting the door on his face. Aunty was already waiting for me, this was terribly bad timing. But I knew I had to be very careful, if MD suspected I was in a hurry to dismiss him and wave him goodbye, he can be a very difficult person to shake off your tail. Worse still, you could incur his wrath, and trust me, you won’t like it one bit.

“Wow! MD! What a surprise!” I quickly managed to compose myself and pull myself together. But I suspect I left a little too late. I think MD noticed my countenance.

“Well, I just hope it’s a pleasant surprise,” MD retorted, his gaze settling on mine as he stepped inside the room. “For a moment, I thought I saw a not too excited look in your eyes when you opened the door and found it was me. Or, are you expecting someone? You looked dressed for some casual outing.”

I reached for his hand and pulled him further inside. “Abeg, come in jo, who told you I’m not excited to see you?”

He came inside and settled in his favourite chair. “But you’re expecting someone?” he pressed further, obviously intent on not letting go of the subject until he got his answer.

“No, not really,” I replied.

“Not really? What do you mean not really?” MD shot back at me. It’s either you’re expecting someone or not.”

I forced a smile. “I’m not really expecting a visitor like you’re thinking, it’s my big Aunty next door that I’m expecting. “

“Which big Aunty is that?”

“Aunty Maggie now,” I replied, sounding disappointed he didn’t know who I was talking about. “She wants to take me somewhere to introduce me to a small buying and selling business that I could be doing on the side.”

He kept quiet, stared into space for a short while before returning his gaze to me. “But Anita, why didn’t you tell me about this before now? Or don’t you think I have the right to know how you live your life? What makes so sure I would approve of you doing this business you just talked about?”

“I’m sorry, my darling, but you should know there’s no way I would’ve done this without your approval, it’s not possible,” I pleaded. And I must say I did a good acting job there. “All I want to do is go check it out first, and if I find that I’m interested, I will then bring it before you.”

He tried to process what I’d just told him. I couldn’t tell if I made any sense to him, but he didn’t say anything.

“Am I forgiven now?” I asked him, stroking his thick, black moustache.

“I wasn’t angry with you in the first place, just surprised.”

I kissed him lightly on the lips and thanked him for not making a big deal out of the issue.

“So, tell me, have you guys missed me? “And where’s my boy? Where’s Junior?”

“He’s inside, taking a short nap. You want me to wake him up for you?”

“Maybe later before I take my leave. Let him enjoy his sleep,” MD answered, “I hope you know you’re not going anywhere, I’m spending the whole day with you guys!”


…to be continued