“Bad Press Was My Regular Nightmare” …Veteran Actress Ngozi Nwosu

 Ngozi Nwosu 2
Foremost Nollywood Star, Ngozi Nwosu needs little or no introduction; this light skinned and aged beauty who has come a long way in the industry had taken part in so many productions even before ‘Living in Bondage’. Her experience in the industry includes soaps, cinema, stage acting and movie production. Popularly known as Yellow Pawpaw in the rested ‘Fuji House of Commotion TV series’, her role as Madam V-boot in the rested TV series ‘Ripples’ also shot her into the limelight along with other productions. In this interview with GRACE OBI andAKIN SOKOYA, she spoke about her experience, embarrassing moments, her ordeal, among other issues.
Which movie shot you into the limelight?
I have really come a long way; right now, I can’t really remember the movie that shot me into the limelight. I have taken part in so many productions, even before “Living in Bondage”, I have been in Soaps, Cinema Films, I actually made a name with Madam ‘V-boot’ in the days of “Ripples’ with Zeb Ejiro. Since then, it has been God, most of the things I do actually come out with a bang, I always have one name or the other attached to any movie or soap I do.
Over the years, how have you been able to cope with the scandal that comes from showbizness?
With God’s grace, I have been able to cope. In life, whether you are in the showbiz or not, you will always encounter scandals, people will talk bad things about you, I’ll say scandals are dangerous because there are some scandals that could end a person’s career while others may be minor. No matter the scandal spread about me, I have been able to weather the storm.
Looking back, at what moment did you consider your high point in the industry?
My high point in the industry was when we had “Living in Bondage”, it metamorphosed me into the opening of what we call “Nollywood” today. It really brought out the efforts of the people who were there before me including myself, and from that time, nothing has stopped me.
What about your low points in the industry?
I wouldn’t say I have a low point in the industry although as one ages, works don’t really come as you expect, but that is not to say one is not working. Another moment I consider a low point was the ordeal I went through in the hands of the Press before I became ill. You can imagine someone saying I have Leukemia. It is something I can never forget; sometimes, I ask myself “Is this the price one pays to be a known figure?”  Nevertheless, those were part of my low moments in the industry
Are you passionate about fashion?
Yes, once upon a time I used to be a fashion diva; those days, people used to look up to me and checked out what I was wearing at that time, but as one advances in life and gets to face responsibilities, you become less fashion crazy, that’s not to say I don’t know what to do as regards fashion.
What about jewelries and shoes?
I am not crazy about shoes, but I can wear any shoe as long as I am comfortable in it. The two things I am really crazy about are jewelries and perfumes. As regards the jewelries, I love gold a lot.
What has stardom changed about you?
The only thing stardom has changed about me is the fact that most times while walking on the road or going out, I might feel like walking into a place to eat, or probably see a kind of clothing I like on the road, but I won’t be able to do that because the next day, it will be all over the press. Basically, I am a very down to earth person, so I feel you should do whatever makes you happy.
Is acting the only source of your income?
Yes, there was a time I went into buying and selling but I had to stop because people owe a lot; that is not to say acting is the only thing I do, I do entertainment generally, I compere. I also have a programme I put together on my own.
What are your likes and dislikes?
I love beautiful things of life, I love easy-going people, people who are straight forward, kind and sensible and also know what they want from life and how to go about it in the right way. I dislike people who tell lies.
Do you have a beauty routine?
I don’t have a beauty routine because I am a very simple person, I just take my bath and put on whatever I like. Most times, I even forget to make-up while going out.
What best describes your style?
What determines the kind of outfit you wear?
The occasion I am going determines the outfit I wear, if it’s a formal occasion, I dress formally, if it is informal, I dress to suit the occasion. At home, I mostly wear a T-shirt and shorts. I love wearing anything that makes me feel at ease.
What kinds of clothes would you never be caught wearing?
I would never be caught naked.
Is there a fashion accessory you can’t do without?
Basically, I am just a simple person, I wear things that make me comfortable. I would never go out of my way to wear accessories that are uncomfortable; all in the name of fashion.
Do you exercise?
Yes, I was an exercise freak; that explains why some time ago, I slimmed down but people started spreading rumours about it, but because of my illness, I was restrained from certain exercises. All the same, that did not stop me. Very early every morning, I wear my exercise kits and walk round my street.
Is there any secret about you that you want people to know?
Despite the fact that people perceived me as cantankerous due to the kind of roles I play in movies, I am very accommodating, friendly, but that doesn’t mean one should step on my toes knowingly, I am a no-nonsense person.
Have any of your fans embarrassed  you in public, maybe due to the role you played in a movie?
Yes, times without number but it is one of the things that comes with acting. Recently, someone saw me in public and slapped me on the back, all in the name of greeting.
Which project are you currently working on?
I have projects that I am working on but normally, I don’t like to let the cat out of the bag but very soon, it will hit your screen.
What are your hobbies?
My hobbies are watching Telemundo and Zee world; I am so addicted to watching them.
Are you a music lover?
I am a music lover, I love sensible music; mind you, I sing sometimes.
Do you have a favourite artiste?
I have lots of them even though their lyrics are not sensible, I just love the lyrics.
How are you going to spend your Christmas?  
I spend my Christmas with friends and family and catch fun.