Babcock University Under Fire for Expelling Female Student Seen in Sex Video

Babcock University Under Fire for Expelling Female Student Seen in Sex Video


Nigerians have condemned the decision of the management of Babcock University to expel the female student featured in a sex tape which went viral on Wednesday, accusing the institution of wrongful expulsion. Specifically, the opposition is based on the fact that the act did not take place within the university premises.


During the early hours of Wednesday, November 20, social media users were treated to a sexually explicit content online. It had been reported that two students of the institution had made a sex tape which was eventually leaked online.


At the time, the identities of the students in the sex tape were yet to be confirmed.


Since the video surfaced online, authorities of the established institution immediately distanced themselves from the controversy. Subsequently, the management of Babcock University issued a statement to set the facts straight. A copy of the statement, was signed by Joshua Suleiman, the Director of Communication & Marketing in the institution.

In it, the university revealed that both offenders in the video were ex-students of the school. Further, Suleiman revealed that the young man in the video was expelled since February 2019 due to drug-related issues.


However, the statement affirmed that until the video broke out; the young lady was a third year student of Accounting of Babcock University. Thereafter, she was expelled from the university for violating its rules.

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Nevertheless, Nigerians have taken to social media to blast the management of Babcock University for its decision to expel the lady. As a matter of fact, the major school of thought holds that the university’s rules did not prohibit students from engaging in sexual intercourse while on vacation.

-Rahman Is’mail