Avalanche of Miracles, Testimonies at Apostle Suleman’s April ‘Wonders Without Number’ Crusade

Apostle Suleman


While on their spiritual journey with God, many people find the most compelling stories about Him come from their encounters with His servants. It is from these encounters that they truly understand the proof of God’s ability as they tell their stories about the compelling experiences that demonstrate the love of God and show how He has restored them positively.


At the Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) worldwide April edition of ‘Wonders Without Number’, the leading servant of God, Apostle Johnson Suleman, caused stories to be told of God’s work in people’s lives; how they found strength in Him. Testimonies are given of how in their journey, they found more moments where God clearly showed up. Of course, some of the testimonies were very dramatic, with amazing turning points that evoked emotions. Participants gave proof of their struggles and told stories of how Jesus helped them through challenges.


The edition indeed witnessed an unprecedented outpouring of healing miracles, blessings and salvation. There was much anticipation as God’s people from all over Edo State and outside Nigeria relayed their exceptional encounter with the healing hand of God through Apostle Suleman.


Below are testimonies from a few of the congregants present and those who called in from abroad while following the live streaming of the programme:


Smart from Zimbabwe

I had been hearing people testifying about how God repaired their gadgets. My iron just stopped working while ironing my clothes. In the evening of that same day, I took the anointing oil Papa had blessed and anointed the iron. The next morning, I took everyone’s clothes in the house to iron; I plugged the iron with faith. To my surprise, the iron started working. This was the first time I experienced this. Thank you Jesus.


Grace from Sierra Leone

I want to thank the God of ‘Wonders Without Number’ for the impartation. My love for God and prayer life has increased tremendously.


Tayo from Ibadan

My mummy had started the car to leave for church but the car battery had totally run down. We tried everything to start the car, it didn’t respond. I decided to pour the anointing oil Papa blessed on the battery and left the car for church. To our amazement, when we came back, mummy went back to start the car, the battery picked up, the engine started at once on its own.



Maria from South Africa

I give glory to God for healing me of food poisoning. During ‘Wonders Without Number’, Papa said “I see God healing someone from food poisoning”. I connected by shouting “Amen”. The previous night, I didn’t sleep at all because of the stomach pain. I was stooling too. But after I prayed, I regained my strength. I became totally healed.


Markson Alagye from Taraba

Since I connected with Papa’s services, God has really boosted my prayer life. I also experienced favours at my business place. Thank you Jesus.


John from Ibadan

Towards the end of year 2022, Papa prophesied that someone having Arthritis was watching. Truly, I was having severe pain in my knee joint. I used to feel pain whenever I was running or walking. That day, I keyed into Papa’s prophetic word; believing God for my healing. To my surprise, immediately after the prayer the pain in my knee cap on my right leg stopped. Secondly, I was trusting God for miracle money; and I saw an alert on my phone. When I went to confirm from the bank who paid the money, I discovered the source was unknown.


Kindness from Bayelsa

Since I joined this platform in 2021, my life has been moving from glory to glory. I also want to thank God for healing me of severe waist pain and for settling my marital challenges.



Victoria from Scotland

I want to thank God for miracle money. I received miracle money from my broadband supplier. I called them to cancel my contract; instead they transferred money into my bank account. Secondly, whenever I feel ill, a representative would pray with me and, instantly, I would receive my healing.


BelthaMbi from Cameroon

Since I joined this platform, it has been from one miracle to another. I got promoted at my place of work just after working for two years. This was a position that one had to work for at least six to seven years before promotion. Secondly, my son travelled to Cyprus and in less than one month he got a job. Thank you Jesus, our time has come.


Dike Lillian from Port Harcourt

I have been looking for the document for my mother’s shop for almost a year now but couldn’t find it. The document was actually under my care when my mum was alive and after her death in March last year, the document disappeared. It became a concern for me. During a prayer session with Papa, I heard a testimony of someone that lost his document and later found it after sending it as a prayer request. I then sent a prayer request to the platform concerning MY document. To the glory of God, my sister told me that they had found the document in the same room I had searched for months. I didn’t understand how the document appeared there.


According to Apostle Suleman, one may not realize he has a testimony until much later when he eventually sees the hand of God working in his life with fascinating, hope-filled miracles.