Atiku Confesses How He Betrayed OBJ, PDP In 2003



In what keen political analysts say may have been one of the reasons former president Olusegun Obasanjo has held malice against his former deputy, Alhaji Abubakar Atiku, so far, the Adamawa State born politician himself just made a rare confession of stabbing his party, Peoples Democratic Party and, in extension, his former principal, Obasanjo, in the back at the time the party was successful making inroads into to shore up its chances in the Southwest region.

Atiku, at a Lagos meeting with party members earlier in the week, had shocked his audience when he said that he alone actually made it impossible for his party, PDP, to win Lagos in 2003.

An excerpt from his statement is presented below;

“When we came to power in 1999, the entire South/Western states were controlled by the AD.

“And when we were approaching the 2003 elections, I told my boss, give me the chance to take over the South-West

“And he gave me that authority, and I took all the states with the exception of Lagos.

“Why? Because Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and I came a long way from the SDP, PDM and all of that, and I felt I should leave Lagos for him. In fact, I could easily have taken over Lagos, but I did not.

“I have since regretted my decision; please, my sisters and brothers in the party, I want you to forgive me for taking Lagos out of that arrangement.

“If I have another opportunity again, Lagos will be taken to where it belongs. So, I am appealing to you to give me that opportunity so that I can correct the mistakes that I made.”

Atiku Abubakar