“Atiku, A Youthocrat” …Tunde Eso


Many might be wondering how a founder of youthocracy who has been clamouring for the take over of governance by the youth in Nigeria for the past 21 years suddenly turn around to tell us that a 72 year old man could be regarded as a Youthocrat.

Yes! He believes one of the characteristics of a youthocrat as stated in his book titled Vision for Africa where youthocracy is defined as government of the people, by the youth for the people, by the youth for the people says specifically that an older person, irrespective of age, that considers the youth in his projects or has a youthful mind set can also be regarded as a Youthocrat.

In as much as the youth symbolize youthocracy, it is imperative to note that ‘Youthocracy’ is a state of mind. Our agitations transcend just having a youth as president. We have had more youths as heads of state in Nigeria since 1960.

We could recollect that none of the military heads of state/president was over 50 years when they ruled our country, yet these guys ran Nigeria aground. We had a civilian who was just over 50 years recently, but couldn’t deliver.

Youthocracy is more of preparing to lead with a 21st century mindset because it’s characteristics also injects vigor in to governance and modernization. A major merit of Youthocracy is that it’s produces visionary leaders. He or she is expected to bring in many vibrant youth into cabinet as partners to reshape the
future of Nigeria.

Therefore I want to appeal to over 190 million Nigerians to support a Youthocrat in the 2019 general election.

Having painstakingly studied 2019 election campaigns and programs, I see Atiku Abubakar the 2019 presidential flag bearer of Peoples Democratic Party as one of the Youthocrats in recent time among gerontocrats. Mr. Atiku has promised a lot, most especially to #GetNigeriaworkingAgain.


Prominent among them is his commitment

Tunde Eso

to constitute his cabinet mostly with youths and women. It is safe to give him the benefit of doubt than those who are reticent about the roles of youth in their government.

-Tunde Eso, President of ‘Fix Nigeria Group’, can be reached on +234-1-8038272210. Email: [email protected]