Apostle Suleman In Minnesota, Reunites Nigerian Family With $1,300


There is always a reason to love a man like the servant of God, Apostle (Prof.) Johnson Suleman. The president of the Omega Fire Ministries worldwide, OFM, has been engaged in philanthropy for many years, with the ministry’s charity arm, Touch of Love, which aims to change lives in positive ways.

Primarily in Suleman’s humanitarian activities is family funding and the mission is to identify, invest in and bring life back into homes around the world. One of such wonderful assignments lately became the lot of a Nigerian family during the man of God’s Apostolic visit to Minnesota, United States of America, where the state’s edition of the OFM’s soul-winning conference, ‘Help From Above’, held.

A lady with her children were reunited with their father having lived alone for some time in the United States of America without him due to financial constraints.

While encountering her blessing from Prof. Suleman who is fondly referred as ‘The Restoration Apostle’, at the second session of the programme, the visibly overwhelmed lady narrated her challenge. She said she did everything including working extra hours to raise funds for her husband who was left behind in Nigeria to join them abroad, all to no avail. All she needed according to her was $1,300 to process documents for her husband’s trip to the U. S.

Prof. Suleman whose philosophy for giving is ‘no man can become rich without himself enriching others’, had to intervene by doling out amidst prayer the exact sum of $1,300 needed for the travel documents processing.

Meanwhile, Cameroun is next for the outpour of God’s power as ‘The Restoration Apostle’ moves to the African nation with ‘Help From Above 2017’. 

The conference will hold in Limbe city between Tuesday 1st and Wednesday 2nd of August, 2017. The first ‘International Ministers Conference’ will hold on Thursday, 3rd of August where Apostle Suleman will be ministering to thousands of preachers, ministers and church workers, as well spreading physical blessings further.

Apostle (Prof.) Suleman last month visited the US for the State of South Carolina conference. The visit was another blessing for his team as the ‘Oracle of God’ was awarded an honourary citizenship of the State by the governing authorities.