“APC Won Kwara Presidential/NASS Elections Via Double Voting” …PDP analyst

Information has emerged on how the All Progressives Congress(APC) may have won the last presidential and national assembly elections in Kwara State through double voting made possible by faulty PVC card readers.
This follows the revelation out of the 486,254 votes cast in the elections, only 103,000 were validated through card readers.
This information emerged over the weekend after INEC headquarters in Abuja downloaded data from the PVC card readers used in Kwara State during the last election.
Analysts say this raises serious doubt about credibility of the election results.
The fact that only a quarter of the votes cast involved card readers also suggests that the election outcome is not a true reflection of the will of Kwarans. Said the analyst who craved anonymity.
”This is because not using card readers means that more than 300,000 of the votes cast in the elections were doubtful as they were open to double voting through unverified PVC. It also means the ’Otoge’ movement was not as strong as the APC will like us to think as their presumed victory seems to have been secured through electoral fraud and not through free and fair elections.
Little wonder APC didn’t celebrate the election outcome statewide. Indeed, voters in a lot of locations said they saw a lot of strange faces in polling units only to be told that they were people from their communities living outside, largely from Lagos.”
This revelation also shows that despite the false propaganda, the PDP may still be the dominant party in Kwara State and is in a strong position to win next Saturday’s governorship and state assembly elections.
This realisation has put PDP supporters into a victory mood ahead of the Saturday’s elections as it is clear that the party can win the governorship and assembly elections if free and fair.
Already, sources close to the party say all agents have been trained to remain vigilant and ensure only those accredited through card readers vote in the election.
This in order to curb double voting and unverified PVC which the above INEC data shows must have taken place in Kwara State during the election. ”It must be made clear that only those whose photos appear on PVC will be allowed to use them.
Anyone caught will be apprehended as special security measures has been put in place.
The next election must reflect the will of Kwarans.”, said a PDP stakeholder.
-Akinlolu Abayomi