I didn’t like the fact that MD was reading my mind so very easily. Of course, I’d always known he could be a very smart person, the sort that you couldn’t easily trick into doing something he would not ordinarily approve of. But still, I didn’t know he would decode my antics so quickly.

“Listen, MD, I don’t like it,” I tried to sweet talk him. “This one that you’re asking me how much do I want, does that mean you believe it is only when I want something from you that I start acting nice?” I asked him, trying to feign some seriousness.

“Hmm…my dear, you know you’re my sweetheart, and I know you like I know the palm of my hand,” MD said to me, a funny smile on his face. “I’m not saying you are only being nice to me because you want something, far from it, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is that I know that look in your eyes when you need something from me and you don’t know how to ask me directly for it,” he’s continued, pulling me close to him as he wrapped his hand round my waist. “So, do you want to prove to me that I’m wrong? We can try it by seeing whether before I leave here tonight, you will not make any special request from me, is that a deal?”

I looked at him for a few seconds and broke into laughter. There was no point pretending any longer, the man has proved that he knew me inside out.

“Okay, MD, you win,” I said to him, burying my face in his chest shyly.

“Oh, don’t tell me you’ve given up so easily, just like that?” MD teased me. “It’s okay now, darling, you’ve won. You’re very right, I need some assistance from you,” I told him.

“Okay, so what sort of assistance are we talking about here?” he asked me.

“I need some money, MD, and it’s urgent,” I’d begun.

“Okay, I’m listening, what do you need money for again this time? Remember, I recently gave you some money not long ago…”

I realised that he was right, he gave some money only a couple of weeks ago. So, what do I tell him now that I need another money for? How will I be able to sound convincing about my request?

I had to quickly think of something that can convince MD that what I needed the money for was important. He is a very smart man. He could be quite generous with his money when it comes to trying to meet my needs but he is also very mindful of how he spends money. He doesn’t like it when he gets the impression he has been taken for a fool.

“See, MD, I have just been told by Aunty Meg that there’s a business I can put money on and it will fetch me good profit,” I said to him, looking him over with my seductive eyes to keep him from thinking too much or trying to rationalize what I was discussing with him.

“Hmm…you have come again, you and these your business brain waves,” MD teased.

“Oh, MD, please, wait now, let me finish before you talk,” I tried to stop him from speaking further.

“Okay, I’m listening to you, what’s the business about?”

“So, this business like I said was introduced to me and from what I see, it is moving very well.”

“You still have not told me what type of business you’re talking about, dear. Forget about the profit first, let’s talk about the business and how much you’re asking for.”

MD was rushing me and that was something I was trying hard to avoid. Once MD gets in that mood, it’s always difficult to dislodge him. “Okay, the business is about supplies of the latest designs of ladies’ shoes and they are selling like hot cake.”

MD was quiet. He was obviously trying to make sense of what I just said. Even me, I wasn’t sure I made much sense with what I just said but I just had to say something and it was the first thing that came to my head.

“So, what’s the big deal about selling shoes? What makes you think you will make your money back? And how do you hope to sell them if I may ask?” MD quizzed me. I was not totally surprised he was asking questions, that’s MD for you.

“I will go to offices and sell to their workers,” I answered, looking straight into his eyes.

“You think that guarantees that you will get back your money?”

“Yes, now, why not?” I threw back at him, starting to feel frustrated.

“See, MD, me, I’m tired of these questions, just let me know, are you going to give me the money or not?” I shot at him.

Finally, he shook his head, smiled and asked me: “Okay, even if I’m going to give you any money, how much are we looking at here?”

“Well, you know these things are really expensive, MD, and I want to buy as much as possible so I can make enough profit…”

“How much?” MD interjected, he was tired of my stories.

“Okay, I’m thinking N25,000 will do,” I finally let it out.

MD ‘s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Twenty-five thousand naira was quite a lot of money back then.

“Twenty- five?” he snarled, his face contorting into a furious looking mask.

“Young lady, that’s a lot of money you’re asking for, you know?” he’d thrown at me.

“I know, MD, but that’s exactly what I need to be able to make good money out of the business.”

“But I remember I gave you some money not so long ago and you haven’t…..”

“Ah! MD, I don’t like this o, I don’t like it at all!” I snapped at him. “How much am I asking for that you’re now querying me over money that you gave me long time ago? Are you saying I am wasteful when it comes to money? See, just in case you have forgotten, I am the mother of your only child, it would be unfair for me to be begging you for money every time I have something important that I need for.” And from that point, I started sobbing, making out I was really upset.

The man gave up. “Okay, okay, it’s okay, you don’t have to start crying, please, I will give you the money!”

“Are you sure, darling?” I turned to him, the excitement evident in my voice.

“Of course, I’m sure. Have I ever promised you something and failed to keep it?” he asked. I shook my head. “So, then why are you doubting me? Just make sure you put the money into good use, that’s what’s important.

“So, when am I getting the money?” I snuggled onto him as I asked.

“This evening, I will give you a cheque and you will go and cash it at the bank tomorrow.”

Inside me, I smiled as I heaved a sigh of relief. That’s a done deal.

To be continued….