ANITA’S DIARY The Big Request (2)


A faint smile appeared on my face but I quickly let it go, I didn’t want the man to suspect I was extremely happy to leave him and sort myself out. I had to get the baby forming inside my womb out of the place as soon as possible.

“Darling, are you sure? Or are you angry with me and you just want to let me have my way?” I’d asked him, feigning reluctance to get up and leave.

“No, I’m not angry, dear. I can see this outing is really important to you. I know you have always been talking about doing some business by the side and I don’t want you to miss the opportunity,” he assured me. I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me he was sincerely letting me go.

“Oh, thank you so much, darling,” I hugged him, smiling gratefully.

“You’re welcome, sweetheart, but there’s one more thing..?”

“And what could that be, dear, I will be glad to oblige you anything you request of me,” I returned excitedly.

“You promise?”

“Yes, dear, sure, I will.”

“Good. Now, you must promise me you will give me a great time tonight. I came here to make love to you all through the night!”

I was torn between the devil and the deep blue sea. I couldn’t possibly say no to his demand. Yet, I knew that making love to MD will be an impossible task. Once I’m able to go through with the D&C, there’s simply no way I would be able to spread my legs apart for him. Naturally, I would be in a bit of pain and discomfort and even my treasure hole would still be dripping the blood. But how am I supposed to tell him all these? Of course, I couldn’t tell him. So, then, how am I going to refuse my husband access to my body and not explain to him what the problem is, more so now that he’s said very clearly that he came over to have a good time with me. How in heavens name am I supposed to deal with this?

“You haven’t said anything, my dear, do we have a deal?” MD’s voice had barged into my thoughts. “You can go anywhere you wish to go now, but be back in time, I want to spend quality time with you tonight.”

I quickly flashed him a smile. “Hmm, my darling, don’t you ever tire of having me to yourself all the time?” I’d thrown at him, just to conceal the fact that I was worried.

“What are you talking about, Anita, how can any man possibly get tired of a pretty young woman like you? Of course, I’m not tired, and I don’t wish to be.” He’d thrown back at me.

“So, again I ask, do we have a deal?” he asked, pulling me closer.

“No, problems, your wish is my command. Anything you want, anyhow you want it, I’m all yours,” I assured him, kissing him lightly on the lips.

“But give me a minute, MD, let me go and talk to my big Aunty friend first and then come back to let you know exactly when we should be back,” I said to him.

He said it was okay and I dashed off to Aunty Maggie’s apartment.

“Aunty, there’s a little problem oh.”

“What is it again?” she asked, puzzled. “MD says you can’t go?”

“No, he said I can.”

“So, what’s the problem, then?”

“He said he’s here to have a good time with me.”

“Good time? I don’t understand…”

“MD wants to make love to me tonight!”

Aunty Maggie stared at me for a moment and then burst into laughter…


…to be continued