Anita Fires Back!!


MD was still silent, obviously trying to figure out the appropriate response to give to me. He knew he needed to be careful not to get himself into trouble with me.

“MD, you are not saying anything, or you just don’t know which answer to give to me?,” I’d shot at him, trying to sound like I was pained by his insinuations. “I said do you have any reason to suspect I could be cheating on you?”

“Hold on, Anita, I have not said I suspect you could be cheating on me, please, do not put words into my mouth,” MD said, forcing a smile and trying to make light of the matter.

“Okay, so, what exactly did you say?” I shot back.

“All I said was that no man in his right senses would be comfortable leaving a pretty babe like you on her own for too long. Anything can happen. “

“Like what?”

MD shook his head slowly, with a wry smile. “You do not seem to understand me, dear. I am not in any way saying I do not trust you and neither am I questioning your faithfulness and sincerity to me and to our union, all I am saying is that we should not leave the door open for the devil to come inside and destroy and all that we have spent years to build together. Are you following me?” he asked me.

“I am not sure I am following you yet, but please continue all the same,” I answered with a stern look on my face.

“Look, Anita, I am not saying you’re not a reliable woman or that I don’t trust you, all I am saying is that we shouldn’t leave room for temptations to come in. Anything can happen, Anita, and you may not even be conscious of it until things have gone out of control. That is all

I’m saying.”

Inside of me, I was actually getting scared. If only this man knew that his warning had come too, too late. The devil had already found his way into our lives and is threatening to destroy everything that we have built together. But that can only happen if he finds out about Jerry and I, abi? And if I know what’s good for me, that day must not come, otherwise…

I didn’t need anyone to tell me MD was making a great deal of sense. Even if I wasn’t openly admitting to what he was saying, I knew there was wisdom in it. Time was running out on me, I had to do something fast.

“So, tell me, dear, what do you think now? Will you like to move in?” he asked me, his voice soft and gentle.

“I will think about it,” I’d answered curtly, not happy I couldn’t come up with enough reasons to push my case further.

“You will think about it?” MD frowned, holding my hand firmly in his. “I have just explained to you now why I think it is best for you to move in with us and I thought all I said went down well with you. Come on, sweetheart, don’t let’s drag this matter now, bring my son and come home to join us.”

I closed my eyes and let out a huge sigh.

“See, MD, you just brought up this matter moments ago, it’s not as though we have been on it for a long while. I want you to give me sometime to think about it, and seriously, I think that’s fair enough.”

MD gazed at me for a brief spell without saying a word. He had an amused look on his face.

“Okay, then, I heard you. So, tell me, like how long am I supposed to wait for you to make up your mind?”

I turned to look directly into his eyes, the man was starting to pressure me too much.

“MD, I can’t tell you anything now, this matter is not as simple and as straight forward as you think,” I told him. Even as I tried to hide it, there was apparent disgust in my voice.

“See, it’s my life and that of my son we’re talking about here. Let me even ask you; have you spoken to your wife about this?”

To be continued….