Amb. Sonnia Agu Makes Nigeria Proud at African Union Conference in Ethiopia

The 5th Edition of ‘The Africa We Want Conference’ took place at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa. The Conference has held its own in retracing the trail of bottlenecks holding Africa aback while creating possible solutions to assuage these problems.
The conference, which is organized by Jet Age Nation Builders, recorded a decent mix of young Africans spread across various sectors in the continent, among who was Ambassador Sonnia Agu a proud Nigerians of highly integrity who has represented her country in so many international both in Africa and in Europe.
Some continental big forces lend their voices in outlining possible solutions to solve the African problems. The coordinator of the event, Ambassador Young Piero, spoke about that “I am really passionate about where Africa is going to because the Africa we want is now. It is good that young Africans are getting involved across the continent. It gives us that sense of belonging that the conversation has started. Truly, we can stay away from Western influences by realizing the effect of Africa’s possibilities. We are blessed with all the natural and human resources. So why have we been under the table for too long? The Africa Union project 2063 is for every Africans alive. We must all find a way to play our own part, so it can be easy for our children to deliver their mandates.”Amb. Piero concluded.
Other speakers are Alhaji Sadiq Daware, the Dan Lawan of Adamawa and National Chairman, and Forum for Commodity Association of Nigeria. He spoke clinically about food security issues in Africa. He poised most of his peptalk on how Africa can develop a sustainable flow in food security without interferences. He also spoke on the need for government support to enable quality and affordable input in food produced across Africa while urging the need for Africa to produce what they produce and produce what they eat.
Former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Dr. Sha’ban Sharada Oo also dug on some practical solutions that will help put Africa on the map for every right reasons. He talked tough on the issue of insecurity in Africa while highlighting strategic ways to foster economic growth through qualitative collaboration across borders.
Also on the list of speakers is Her Royal Highness, Olori Tomitope Enitan-Ogunwusi. She spoke emphatically on deliverables that will create an obvious drive for Africa to grow. She emphasized education and the prospect Africa has if the continent repositions its priorities and invests grossly in financing out-of-school children to return back to school. She talked about progression for the continent of Africa if areas of collaborative ties are in shape. She thinks the energy inside Africa is enough to build the Africa we want.
On her own part Ambassador, Sonnia Agu spoke on unity in Africa and also laid emphasis on education which she said is a step to greater height.
“We  Africans need to be united especially the youths. We have been hearing the slogans of youths as the bedrock of a great nation, but are we really on that step of it. I also wants to use this medium to let our youths know that education is the roots of any developed nation and Africans should not be left behind or found wanting in this situation.”
she will also appreciate her young Africans youths who took their time to attend the glamorous events.
“ It’s a pleasure having youths of highly intelligent people surrounding me, I felt elated mixing with them all. We are poised for greatness”.
Other speakers include Dr. Azaad Tanar, CEO of Mauritius based NID Global Business Development LTD. Multi-award-winning Nigerian, Amb. Dr. Sonia Agu, a social commentator and public affairs analyst. Meron Getachew, who is a youth representative of Jet Age Nation Builder in Ethiopia. Author Oluwakemi Ann-Melody also gave an explosive speech on the need for African youths to be more active in the Africa conversations. Tesleem Mohammed Dilloo of Overseas Medicals also drove conversation about the health sector in Africa and how Africa can take the lead.
Highlight of the evening was award presentation, which was hosted by H.E. Mufariat Kemil, Minister of The Ethiopian Labour and Skill Affairs.
-Ajibade Alabi