Akeem Ogungbangbe Emerges New Iloko-Ijesha Monarch


Late Oba Oladele Olashore joined his ancestors in 2012, he had a meritorious service in the banking industry and the public sector before ascending the throne as the Ajagbusi-Ekun of Iloko-Ijesha. Before his emergence as the traditional ruler of Iloko-Ijesha, Olashore had turned the town into a mini city by building eye-popping structures that include an international school, a stadium, the Royal Park Hotel and a palace that conveniently satisfies modern tastes. His choice as a king years back was a fait accompli as there was virtually no co-contestant for the stool.  Oba Samuel Oladele Olashore who gave up the ghost in London on Friday, June 1st, 2012 was the Managing Director, First Bank Nigeria Ltd and he later served as the Minister for Finance during the military era precisely under General Ibrahim Babangida. He had his status changed to the Secretary for Finance during the 82 days administration of Chief Ernest Shonekan.  His contributions to the development of the town before and during his reign as the Ajagbusi-Ekun of Iloko-Ijesha was no doubt appreciated as all commercial and social activities came to a halt as soon as news spread that he had joined his ancestors in 2012. Olashore who joined his ancestors at 77, no doubt left big shoes and created a vacuum as expectations were high and the people were naturally eager to know who would emerge as his successor. The good news is, however, here; we gathered that a new occupant to the throne of the Ajagbusi-Ekun has emerged.  The Ajagbusi Ekun–elect is Akeem Ogungbangbe. The new monarch, we gathered is also a big fish and he is well-connected. The emergence of a new monarch in the town has got the people of Iloko-Ijesha catapulted into a joyful mood as they look forward to the coronation day.