Afro Rock Crooner, King Sam Miracle, Drops ‘Supernatural Blessing’ Album

Afro Rock Crooner, King Sam Miracle, Drops 'Supernatural Blessing' Album



King Sam Miracle

he America based sensational Afro Rock maestro, Samson Adewale popularly known as King Sam Miracle (KSM); the winner of Best Afro Rock Musician of The Year at the exclusive maiden edition of All Colour Awards 2019 in Lagos, Nigeria has shown that he is truly a king with the new still selling fast Album Video & Audio CDs of his latest work entitled- Supernatural Blessing which has sold 10,000 copies in the first month of the release.


Information available revealed that the new Supernatural Blessing Album Audio & Video by the multi-talented musician who has performed in America, Europe, Asia and Africa has become the new gift for lovers of good music in Nigeria and different parts of the world.


Those who should know disclosed that the must watch videos from the master piece album Supernatural Blessing is a well-directed, arranged and technically shot with high resolution 4K-HD cameras by Bolaji Aromire, one of the best indigenous musical video directors in Nigeria and edited in United States of America for viewers quality enjoyment.


Supernatural Blessing album super quality videos has been a great compliment to the good songs with unarguably inspirational and motivational lyrics and rhythm that can pass the test of time any day and anywhere.


According to the industry watchers the album video(s) has been enjoying massive airplay on top digital and terrestrial television stations in Nigeria and abroad respectively because of the inspiring songs, good performances by King Sam Miracle and top notch quality production by the video director and his crew.


We gathered that the Supernatural Blessing audio & video is obtainable at Afro Rock Entertainment Shop a fully loaded entertainment equipment shop and booking office located at 23, Amoo Street, Mosalasi Bus-Stop, Pen Cinema, Agege, Lagos for rental of high grade public address system, music equipment, stage, lighting, video cameras, generator and trucks for logistics.


The must have Supernatural Blessing audio & video is also available in every musical stores in Nigeria and no doubt it’s something the whole family can watch and be blessed mightily at the comfort of their homes.


And, for anticipated booking and Supernatural Blessing this New Year 2020, you can connect and follow King Sam Miracle @iam_sammiracle