Actress Regina Chukwu Says Her Son Is Her Husband!


In a recent post she shared on Instagram, Nollywod actress, Regina Chukwu referred to her son as her husband and stated that he dictates her outfits.

One of the best parts of motherhood is sitting back and watching your children become adults and individuals of their own. It becomes even more beautiful when the kids share a special bond with their parents and are able to contribute to the development of their lives.

Regina Chukwu is a proud mother of two and proved this in her most recent post of herself and her son, Richard. In a post shared on Instagram, she showed off her son and daughter. She described her son as her husband.

She also stated that he picks her outfits and makeup style and is the man of the house. In same post, Chukwu referred to her daughter as “our first lady”. Her two adorable kids have grown to become responsible adults.