Actor Moshood Mayegun on Steady Rise in Nollywood: ”I’m Motivated by Fans’ Support”

Actor Moshood Mayegun on Steady Rise in Nollywood: ''I'm Motivated by Fans' Support''


Fast rising Nollywood actor, Moshood Mayegun, has revealed the things that keep him going as an actor. According to the thespian, a proud Lagosian born, satisfying his fans is paramount to him, adding that it is also a motivation in his career.
In this brief chat, Mayegun also speaks on some of his challenges as an actor and filmmaker. Excerpts;

Moshood Mayegun

Tell us about yourself.
I am Moshood Mayegun. An indigene of Mayegun Town in Eti-Osa Local government, Logos State. But I was born in Ikorodu. I attended Ijomu Muslim Primary School and had  my West African School Certificate at Ikorodu Grammar School , before  proceeding to  have my degree certificate in Sociology at University of Ibadan, Oyo State.

Why did you decide to become an actor?

I started acting at a very early age. Though back then, it wasn’t as professional as it is now. We live in a very big house while growing up. my house happens to be a location base for some movie productions back then. So I got to meet  actors like Uncle Funsho Adeolu, late Moji Olaiya and so on and so forth. I do happens to get a role in the movie sometimes, when needed. That was  when  I developed my passion for acting. And my passion leads me here.

What were the challenges you faced at the beginning of your career?

The first challenge was Acting itself. I started my career without first placing emphasis on actually acquiring the skills, knowledge and tools I’d need to be an “Actor”. I entered the industry with just love and passion for the arts alone. But then I worked hard and still working very hard every day on acquiring as many skills and knowledge as I can. And then there are the lack of good acting opportunities but that’s expected as always. But persistence, patience, always showing up and doing my best and grace helped a lot and is still helping.

Did your parents support you, are they happy about it?

Yes! My parents are always and happy wit my decisions. Have got no pressure from them.

Share your growing up experience, were you born with a silver spoon?

I wasn’t born with a silver spoon. My mother really try her best raising her children. And as I wasn’t the only child. I leave to learn a professional skills at early age to assist the house. So has some of my sister and brothers too. Thank God for the strengthening prayers from my sweet mother. We are all grown up.

Do you have any regret dumping your degree for movies?

Personally, I wouldn’t say the word Dumping. Because having a degree is should be a proud achievement. It’s is useful in everyway of a career.

Would you say Wale Adenuga gave you the platform to show your skills?

I would say yes. I acted as a child in a Wale Adenuga Productions series. And it was my first back then.

Obviously, you have worked with a lot of big names, which other actors do you look forward to work with?

I like to work with everyone. But I have never get enough of Bro. Ibrahim Chatta. He’s such a light to be around with. He never looked down on people And I always look forward to working with him anytime and any day.

Having featured in quiet a number of movies, what do you think are the common challenges of making a film in Nigeria?

It doesn’t matter how good your movie is , if you are not connected to the marketers. They only buy base on connection. And if you not anywhere connected to them, getting your production money may be hard not to talk of making profits.

What keeps you going as an actor?

I just want to keep pleasing my fans with every movie I feature in, and also even the ones that proudly produced by me. It’s all about my fans; that’s what keeps me going harder.

Kindly share the most important lesson you’ve learnt in the course of your career.

We learn every day, and I am still learning. But it is very important to respect everybody, because nobody knows tomorrow, and everybody is somebody. It’s just a matter of time. Be as loyal as you can be and live your life.

Are you satisfied with the current structure in the movie industry?

No. But I believe we’ll get there.

Which would you say pay you more, acting or producing?

Producing. It is like owning your own company. You are responsible for the profit and gain of it.

How do you unwind?

I like to be around family and see some friends.

How do you handle your female fans?

I respect and treat them like the queen that they are, I don’t take their love, support and appreciation for granted.

How do you advise upcoming actors and producers?

I will advise them to focus, and not give room for any distraction.

What are your words of advice to young actors?

To coming actors and producer. I will advise them to focus, and not give room for any distraction. Especially those still struggling to find their feet in a competitive industry, like Nollywood. they have to keep pushing and remain positive to yourself. don’t stop believing in your dreams, even when the chips are down. everything is about the right timing, and the right team.

As an artiste, you are going to meet different people. When it is the right time, and you are working with the right set of people, with the right mindset, and a very good song, then God’s blessing will surely follow you.