Accountant Sues Parents For Forcing Him Into Family Ritual



coverrrA Lagos based accountant in his mid-thirties, Adeyemi Opeyemi has allegedly fled  into hiding to avoid his parents and family elders who according to him are idol worshippers and secret cultists from forcefully conscripting him into the age long generational practices.


Although our source said that the young man was ready to damn the consequences of his stubbornness, he may be playing with fire, as other before him who in the past threaded the familiar path, either were disowned by the family or lived to tell sour tales afterwards.


Our source said that Adeyemi, a denote Christian, would not want to be associated with this ancestral tradition which he claimed was made a compulsion for every family member. “Anyone born into the Adeyemi family must be initiated; it is a law that must be upheld on oath,” said the source. Therefore, we were told that, Opeyemi had to flee his former residence at Alagbado, Lagos, to a new abode in Akute, Ogun State outskirts from where he moved again with his young family to an undisclosed address in Ibadan, Oyo State, when pressure on him became harassment and intimidation.


Meanwhile, we gathered that the troubled accountant was already initiating legal proceedings in a court of law to stop his elders from further attempts at forcing him into this practice of old.

-Elemoro Damilola