Abuja Billionaire Rents Crowd For Mother’s Burial …pays N2,000 per person


It was all pomp recently at Eme-Ora, Owan West Local government of Edo State when billionaire Tony Ezekiel, CEO of Itex Furniture, bade his mother farewell in a carnival-like celebration at his village.

A mammoth crowd like never before besieged the usually quiet village.

However, days later, reports reached us that the moneybag, who is also a card-carrying member of the APC, allegedly hired the crowd that attended the event, apart from dignitaries that came with him. As we were told, each person was given the sum of N2,000 to feign solidarity with the family at the time of the funeral. The rented crowd was about 1,500, as we gathered.

Besides, some members of Mr Ezekiel’s extended family disclosed to us that their brother, aside that he is not a grassroots politician, he is also a stranger among the people of the village.


-Kemi Akinjare