About Rising Profile of Sina Sotade


Sina Sotade, an Ogun State-born businessman has been in the news lately. This is basically due to his profile that is getting attention in different quarters across the state.

With business interest in Nigeria and London, Sotade has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he’s capable of managing resources and people.

He currently has to his credit as the owner the biggest and modern studio for recording. The coming is known as July 21st Medal Company.

He also prides as the CEO of 21st Motors and 21st Farms.

Sotade, out of his magnanimity has taken at least 150 miscreants off the street. He has since empowered them as a way of eradicating poverty and giving back to the society.

The philanthropist has also been encouraging upcoming artistes by assisting them in recording their songs and promoting such.

In recent times, his friends at home and abroad have been pulling resources together for him in order to contest for an elective position during the 2019 general elections.

As at press time, he has insisted that his philanthropist gesture was not for political reason but was based on his love for his hometown, the state and the country as a whole.

However, Sotade has vowed to seek the consent of both his immediate and extended family members before throwing his hat in the ring.