5 Qualities Of Nollywood New Bride, Bimbola Ayeni


Nollywood new bride and entrepreneur, Bimbola Ayeni starred in ”Sparrow”, an Initiative Pictures Limited and Muyideen Raji Films production which sold millions of copies in the second quarter of 2017.

The beautiful actress played a role in the movie and it got people asking, “Who really is Bimbola Ayeni?”.


Her Flawless Acting Style

Bimbola is not just a new bride in the movie industry but a new talent to watch out for. Her originality and style of interpreting her scripts keep movie directors amazed about her skills.


That Language!

Not all movie makers can have an actor who can speak at least four different languages fluently but Bimbola who grew up in the Northern part of Nigeria, can confidently speak Hausa and Yoruba fluently. Not only this, she can speak French and English without missing a word for another.


Her Love For Gold Teeth and Fashion

Many people didn’t know that Abimbola has never been to Saudi Arabia on pilgrimage but she is rocking a gold tooth.

She is not a Muslim but she grew up in the North, guess she got influenced by Northerners. Bimbola loves fashion and she’s not shy about it. How do we know this? A quick glance at Abimbola’s Instagram account is all the research you need.


Her Realness

In a world where people are hardly authentic off the screen, Bimbola is a breath of fresh air. She is always ready to learn new things and share her honest opinion on issues.


Her Prospects

Bimbola Ayeni’s fan base is about to get much wider once ‘DABIRA’ hits the movie markets. The movie also features Antar Laniyan, Sola Kosoko, Tayo Sobola, Adeniyi Johnson and we know that we are in for a real treat from her.


-Akin Sokoya